Put a T5 in your Classic Mustang along with clutch cable, conversion of automatic or manual transmission.  We specialize in T5 & Tremec  five speed conversions and rebuild and repair.


"Five/Six Speed Conversion Specialists"


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Falcon/Comet 5 Speed Solutions


Add Overdrive to your

TREMEC Front Shift T5

Bolts right up to inline-6, 289, 302, or 351

Complete kits ready to install

Very little modification to tunnel required

Shifter clears bench seats and floor support


Create your own kit now >>>

Are you looking to upgrade your driving experience in your early 1960-1965 Falcon or Comet?  Consider Modern Driveline’s complete range of options for adding a five speed as your solution.  All parts from the back of the engine to the differential are available.  Many different clutch configurations are available depending on driving style and power level.

Custom T5

Our custom T5 with the shifter moved forward from the standard position is the ideal solution for Falcons.  This change positions the shifter in the correct location.  A standard T5 positions the shifter back against a bench seat or between bucket seats resulting in a very uncomfortable shift position ( not to mention the required changes to the floor support to clear the shifter). 


CAble conversion

Whether you are swapping out an automatic or manual a clear upgrade is cable linkage.  In the case of an automatic conversion you will not have to locate the problematic mechanical linkage.  On a manual swap you have the option to remove the mechanical linkage and replace it with the smoother, more reliable cable linkage.


Hydraulic conversion

Another option for the clutch linkage is a hydraulic clutch.  In the case of an automatic conversion you will not have to locate the problematic mechanical linkage.  On a manual swap you have the option to remove the mechanical linkage and replace it with the smoother, more reliable hydraulic clutch linkage.


Engine Compatibility

Whether your engine is a stock inline-6, 260, 289, or any other Ford small block, we have a solution for you.  In the case of an inline-6 an adapter plate is the likely solution, keeping your bellhousing and mechanical linkage.  A five bolt 260/289 also reguires the original bell and a adapter plate.  66 and later 289's, 351's and 5.0L motors are compatible with the cable style bellhousing allowing cable operation.


Clutch Configurations for your driving style

We have a selection of clutches from Organic to Multi-Friction and full Kevlar, manufactured and tested to withstand the power of the engine and your driving style.  Our Organic clutches are ideal for the stock motors while the Multi-Friction and Kevlar clutches are needed for the higher horsepower motors or for their longevity and smoothness of engagement.


Package Features:

T-5 Front Shift Transmission

T-5 Bell housing or 4-speed adapter plate

Bell housing block plate & Clutch lever/cover

28oz or 50oz Lighten billet steel flywheel

10" or 10.5" Diaphragm Clutch kit

Hurst shift lever/ball/boot

60-65 Falcon Clutch cable kit or Hydraulic Clutch kit

Speedo cable & gear

Falcon T-5 Cross member & mount

Organic, Multi-Friction or Kevlar Clutch with 1yr warranty

Steel or Aluminum Drive Shaft

Aluminum bellhousing (small block only)


1966 and Later

Currently we do not offer a simple bolt in kit.  Beginning in '66 Ford changed the chassis design and we have yet to design a crossmember and cable kit for these specific cars.  However, keeping the mechanical linkage and fabricating a crossmember on your own is a possibility.  In this case we can supply the rest of the components you need to modernize and improve the driving experience.

For additional details, check our technical resources starting with Classic Swaps.>>>


Transmission Configuration:

Model (ft/lb) input
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
T5z 330 10 28 2.95 1.94 1.34 1.00 .63











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