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Customer Rides

SEMA 2010

This year Modern Driveline has introduced and perfected many new products and has expanded its markets.  As part of these endeavors several customers have built specialty vehicles which will be on display at SEMA and other shows through the coming year.

Here is a sampling of the cars and the companies who built them and where you may find them at SEMA.



THE STORY: Brian, the owner of this gorgeous gunmetal grey Fastback Mustang, found us during one of our Southern California show appearances and immediately knew that the B&H system was perfect for his high-horsepower aspirations.

However, like many classic car owners, he didn't want any modifications to mar the sleek look of his beloved automobile, letting the power hidden under the hood speak for itself.

See it at the B&H Supercharger booth



The Shelby G.T.500CR is sure to raise your pulse with its incredible horsepower and the reliability of a fuel injected car. Each Shelby G.T.500CR is hand crafted at our facility located in Oklahoma. Modern amenities include authentic Shelby Performance Parts, rack and pinion steering, race inspired suspension, oversized disc brakes, and more. Each authentic Shelby G.T.500CR will be included in the Shelby Worldwide Registry.

See one of them in the Ford area  outside the convention center and a 2nd one inside the center.



The big story here at Pure Vision for 2010 is creating and building the Anvil Mustang. If you are into Pro-Touring, then you should know the Anvil name! Anvil Auto are makers of high quality carbon fiber body panels and components. Anvil has honored Pure Vision with the opportunity to build the Anvil ‘69 Mustang that will serve as the launch of a new line of carbon fiber body parts for the ‘69-‘70 Ford Mustang! Pro-Touring Mustang owners rejoice! Plans are to unveil the car in Anvil Auto’s brand spanking new booth at SEMA 2010 then stick it in Pure Vision’s area at the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show! Watch for updates, photos and insider information here on our website!

See it at the Pure Vision booth.












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photo courtesy of Shelby Automobiles, Inc.