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New Product   Front Shift T5 Tailhousing

Early (mid-1960's and earlier) cars and street rods with their engines and drivetrain sitting back further than today's cars benefit greatly when the shifter is positioned forward from the standard position offered by the T5 overdrive transmission.

For years, car enthusiasts have either lived with the placement of the shifter and modified tunnels, floor supports, and/seats or gone to the junk yard and plucked a S10 T5 and used it straight up (poor choice given the low gear ratios and low torque rating) or gone through hoops to remove the tailhousing and adapt it to another T5 such as the Ford T5z.  We (MDL) recognized the need and ourselves have provided the front shift T5 for years, mating a reconditioned S10 housing to the Ford T5.  Anyone who has attempted this in recent years knows that the housings are in very short supply.  Years ago they could be found in any junk yard.  Today, nationwide searches can come up empty.


MDL is proud to introduce the Front Shift T5 Tailhousing.  Designed from the ground up to reproduce the S10 housing with improvements to facilitate field changeovers, adapt easily to the Ford T5, accommodate mechanical or electronic speedometers, and provided as a complete kit ready to install on your transmission or installed on a new T5.  Driving comfort and minimal to no tunnel modifications are two of the design benefits of the Front Shift T5 Tailhousing. 


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Key Features

  • "Do it yourself" conversion
  • Re-uses stock T5 shifter
  • Compatible with the Ford T5 (1985-1998 Mustang V8/V6 transmissions and new T5z)
  • Accommodates mechanical or electronic speedometers
  • Made in the USA
  • CNC machined
  • Enhanced ribbing and material for strength over OE housings
  • Engineered with 3d solid modeling to exacting standards and specs
  • Complete kit ready to install
  • Available already installed on a new T5z
  • Dual shift position (5.5" range with optional MDL shifter)
  • GM trans crossmember mount position for compatibility with existing S10 installations
  • uses standard 28 spline slip yoke
  • pre machined for 0.8 gear set



  • "Do it yourself" conversion
    The tail housing is an easy change over on an existing Ford WC T5.  It is as simple as removing the bolts to the main case, removing the shifter, disconnecting the shift rail, and sliding the housing back off the main shaft.  Reverse the dis-assembly with the new housing plus remove the input shaft bearing retainer to shim the whole transmission assembly.  Complete step by step instructions are supplied.  We are also readily available via phone to help with any questions you may have.
  • Dual shift position (5.5" range with optional MDL shifter)
  • Re-use stock T5 shifter
    To keep costs down we designed the housing to use the stock Ford T5 shifter (or any aftermarket shifter designed for the Ford T5).  This means that you can simply re-use the shifter from the transmission that you are adding the tailhousing to.  This only applies to the rear position of the dual position box.  If you are needing the forward position then you will need one of our FS-series shifters.  The FS-series shifters are available for both the forward and rear positions with the added benefit off offsets which allow a more precise location of the shifter, as well as, a precise, short throw shift.
  • Compatible with the Ford T5 (1985-1998 Mustang V8/V6 transmissions and new T5z)
    The FS tailhousing was designed to adapt to the 1985-1998 Mustang V8/V6 WC (world class) transmission.  It will not work with non-WC transmissions (S10 pre-'92, Camaro's pre-92, Mustangs pre-'85).   The world class configuration allows proper oiling of the tail, a feature not present in the old S10 tail.  This is especially important when using a early 90's transmission with the reverse brake.
  • Accommodates mechanical or electronic speedometers
    If requiring a mechanical speedometer, a Ford style cable is used with a Ford driven gear of appropriate size.  If electronic speedometer is used then a Ford VSS unit is installed with a connection pigtail to wire up to the speedometer.  In the rare situation of needing both mechanical and electronic, then a Ford VSS which also allows a cable connection is available.
  • Made in the USA
  • CNC machined
  • Enhanced ribbing and material for strength over OE housings
  • Engineered with 3d solid modeling to exacting standards and specs
  • Complete kit ready to install
  • Available already installed on a new T5z
  • GM trans crossmember Mount position for compatibility with existing S10 installations
  • Uses standard 28 spline slip yoke
  • Pre machined for 0.8 gear set
    Our 0.8:1 5th overdrive gear set can be added without the additional machining of the tailhousing as described in the documentation.  The design of the tail housing accounted for the larger gear of the 0.8 gear set.
  • Speedo opening forward by 2" over S10 clearing floor falcon support
    The speedometer position has always been a hurdle when using the S10 housing for two reasons.  First, the opening did not line up with the speedometer drive gear of the Ford output shaft requiring some an engineering effort to reposition, or as some people did, change the output shaft to the GM shaft.  The second issue was the fact the opening position was right in line with the crossmember/floor support which presented issues routing the speedometer cable.  Both of these issues are cured by using the standard Ford position which is forward of the floor support.
  • GM box compatibility
    Can this tail housing mate to a GM T5 transmission?  The answer is yes with caveats.  Like the issues with the S10 housing, the speedometer will be in the wrong position. So if you do not need, or can live without the speedo, then yes you can mate this to a GM.  Call us for details if you're headed in this direction.

Typical Applications

  • Hotrod/Street rod
  • 2-wheel drive trucks 30s-90's
  • Ford Falcon/Ranchero 1960-1971
  • Ford Ranger conversions
  • V8 S10s
  • Kit Cobra cars and many other Kit cars
  • Many of your early cars especially with bench seats




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