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Clutch Cable FAQ Index

Clutch Cable related questions and answers.

  • How do I know the clutch cable is adjusted correctly?

    When the clutch cable is adjusted properly, there should be little to no slack in the cable. Most of the adjustment is done at the bellhousing end with fine adjustments made at the firewall. Making the cable too tight will preload the throw out bearing and reduce the disk clamp load.


  • Why is the big clutch pedal return spring not used when installing a clutch cable kit?

    When installing a Modern Driveline clutch cable kit, the only return spring that is used is the clutch pressure plate. This is the same way the 1980's and later Mustangs are designed.


  • If I had a 1965-66 Mustang clutch pedal and wanted to install it into a 67-68 Mustang, do you have a cable kit for this combo?

    No we don't. We do have new replacement pedals for each of the years of classic Mustang. 1965/66, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1971-73. These new pedals have a unique 2-piece design to facilitate installation.


  • The clutch cable has become damaged or burnt by the exhaust, can I get a replacement?

    Yes, a replacement cable can be purchased if it has become damaged. Proof of purchase is required as the cables are not sold separately to those who have not purchased a kit.


  • Will the clutch cable kit work with all exhaust systems?

    Modern Driveline clutch cable kits work with most exhaust systems. Some long tube headers push one or two tubes towards the motor not leaving enough room for the cable to pass by. The cable will clear Headman 88660, Doug Thorley Tri-y, Hi-Po manifolds, stock manifolds, shorty headers. The important thing is that the cable enters the bell housing straight, not side loading the cable housing causing it to wear out and is not damaged by heat from the exhaust. Jet Hot coating the headers inside and out greatly reduces the exhaust temps and add extra performance and cool looks to boot!


  • The clutch cable appears to be too short so the clutch bellhousing lever can not be adjusted.

    First thing to check is if the clutch lever is up against the back of the T-5, TKO or T-56 bellhousing opening. If it is, the clutch pressure plate release levers are too tall. The stock mechanical linkage pressure plate places the lever height too far back causing the clutch lever to be pushed back. The mechanical style pressure plate needs to be swapped out for two reasons. Lever height and throw out bearing travel. Mechanical linkage clutches require more throw-out bearing travel. A cable operated clutch doesn't need to move as far and responds faster. We offer a replacement clutch set for those who need a 10 long pattern bolt pattern when using a early stock flywheel.


  • Can the T-5/TKO clutch cable kit be used with a stock 3 or 4 speed bell housing?

    No. However, we do have a replacement bellhousing for the 3/4 speed transmission. It is a Quicktime steel bellhousing (part number MD-401-6063). Call us for details.