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T-5 FAQ Index

Common questions pertaining to the T-5 and it's use in Five speed conversions. Be sure to contact us if you do not see an answer to your question.

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  • Can I keep the stock Mustang linkage and still use the T-5 bellhousing?

    Yes, We offer a fulcrum kit that bolts to the inside of the bellhousing that allows the original clutch fork to be used. This prevents you from having to use an adapter plate, and later, if you decide to switch to a clutch cable system, or hydraulics, you can.


  • How can I install a T-5 behind a five bolt 260 or early 289?

    The only solution prior to 2008 was to use an adapter plate that is bolted to the five bolt stock four speed bellhousing. We now offer a steel bellhousing which will bolt to a 5-bolt block and accept a T-5 behind it.

    Call us for details.


  • What does a steel front bearing retainer do for me?

    All stock Ford T-5 except for the 93 Cobra and T-5z came with aluminum front bearing retainers. These retainers wear out from having the steel throw out bearing move back and forth until it is very hard to push the clutch pedal. New steel retainers can be installed as an upgrade and is highly recommended. We have these retainers in stock. Give us a call.


  • What is a front shift T-5 and what can I use it in?

    A front shift T-5 is a customized Ford spec T-5 that we developed to retain the 10 spline input shaft and 28 spline output shaft. It is ideal for hotrods, cobra kit cars, Falcon's/Ranchero's and 2wd Rangers. We can modify any 2wd T-5 for this shifter location.


  • Which type of oil is used in a Non-World Class T-5?

    50w gear oil, as there are no bearings under each gear and the syncro's are bronze with no linings. The original spec was Dextron II. As it is now longer available the next best choice is 50w gear oil or motor oil. ATF, as used in a world class T-5, is too thin to use in a non-world class T-5 leading to premature wear.


  • Which type of oil is used in a World Class T-5?

    ATF oil only. (About 3 qts.) There are two reasons, Reason one, each gear has a needle bearing under it that needs lighter weight oil, the second reason is the syncros are lined with carbon fiber just like the linings found in a automatic transmission. Synthetic or regular dino oil can be used. We recommend Amsoil synthetic ATF.


  • Does the driveshaft have to be shortened when installing a T-5?

    It depends on what trans you are replacing, but in vintage cars it is typical to shorten by about 3/4" as the T-5 has a longer input shaft. It is always best to measure your exact need before having the driveshaft shortened.


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