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Bellhousing/Scattershields FAQ Index

Bellhousing related questions and answers.

  • Is it possible to get an SFI steel bellhousing with lots of header clearance?

    Yes we now offer a SFI steel bellhousings that are stock replacements. This same bellhousing can be used for T-5's or TKO's, in the Ford line, or various solutions for GM and Mopar's. Best of all the bellhousing's weigh in at about 25 pounds. Check out our line of Steel bellhousings.


  • Is there a Ford T-5/Tremec bellhousing that will work with a 164 tooth flywheel?

    Yes there is, but only in a scattershield. The Ford aluminum cast T-5/Tremec bellhousing are designed for 157 tooth flywheels.


  • Is there a bellhousing to convert a T-45 or 3650 five speed from a late model Mustang to fit behind a 302/351?

    Not at this time, but there are plans to offer one.


  • Will I need a T-5 block plate (i.e. engine plate) when installing a late model T-5 or Tremec bellhousing?

    Yes, the bellhousing shape is different then that of a toploader or automatic plates.


  • Is there a cable operated big block scattershield for 4, 5 and 6 speeds?

    Yes, We are now offering Ford FE and 460 series cable operated scattershields that work with 4 and 5 speed Tremec conversions as well as T-56. Call us for details.


  • Is there a clutch lever boot available for scattershields?

    No, there is no clutch lever boot available as this time.


  • Will an early stock starter work with a T-5 or Tremec bellhousing?

    Yes it will. See our Starter page for more details.