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T-45 FAQ Index

Common questions pertaining to the T-45 and it's use in Five speed conversions. Be sure to contact us if you do not see an answer to your question.

  • Can I install a 3650 shifter on a T-45?

    No, the shift lever is not long enough and will pop out of the offset lever in the transmission. Use only shifter's designed for T-5/T-45's.


  • What size slip yoke does a T-45 use?

    31 spline for added strength.


  • How can I tell what T-45 I have?

    Each T-45 came with a metal tag that is bolted to one of the main case bolts on the tailshaft housing. T-45 part number begin with a 13-86-xxx number.


  • Can I install a later model T-45 in a 96-97 Mustang?

    Yes you can. Beware that the later model T-45 had electronic speedometer, instead of a gear. This can be changed by swapping the tailshaft housing and gear from the old to the new T-45.


  • Is there a difference between a GT T-45 and a Cobra T-45 from 96-97?

    Yes there is, but it is small. All the GT T-45 had 8 tooth speedo gears and the crossmember mounting location is more forward as compared to the Cobra's. In later years, they became the same location. All other parts are the same.


  • If I install lower rear axle gears in my GT Mustang, How do keep the speedometer calibrated?

    GT T-45 only used a 8 tooth drive speedo gear. This limits how low you can go using the largest driven gear available that works (21 tooth). Yes 23 tooth driven gears are available but they do not last. The proper way to correct this is to purchase a 7 tooth drive gear located on the main shaft inside the trans. Cobra T-45 come stock with 7 tooth gears.


  • Which type of oil is used in a T-45?

    Like T-5 and T-56 the T-45 uses ATF. We recommend Amsoil ATF.


  • Are there upgraded shift forks for the 96-97 T-45?

    Some T-45's had defective 3-4 shift forks that need to be replaced. Call us for repair price and/or for parts.


  • What can be done when a T-45 is not strong enough for a super high output 4.6L?

    Install either a TREMEC TKO-500/600 or a T-56. Using a 4.6L Tremec bellhousing and a TKO will bolt up to the 4.6L motor. If adding a second overdrive is desired, choose a modular 4.6L T-56. Call us for details on both.


  • Can a T-45 be installed behind a push rod 289/302/351 V8?

    Not at this time, the T-45 bolt pattern is setup for 4.6L modular motors. Since the bellhousing is a part of the transmission there are no other bellhousings available.