Ford Narrow Pattern & Y-Block to Ford Front Shift T5 Adapter Scratch/Dent


Adapter plate. Narrow pattern Ford/Y-block car bellhouisng to 83-93 Ford T5, or Y-block truck to 94-04 Ford Front shift T5
(No rotation) Bell # Truck TAAB7505

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Scratch Dent item

Adapter Plate, Y-block/Narrow pattern Ford to Ford Front Shift T-5

This adapter fits both the passenger car Y-block bellhousing to 83-93 Ford T-5 (input shaft 7.2″ long) and the Y-block TAAB7505 truck bellhousing to a 94-04 Ford T-5 input shaft (7-7/8″ long).

This same adapter also fits the Narrow pattern SBF 260-289 five bolt bellhousings and early big block FE bellhousing with no rotation in the T-5 bellhousing pattern.

T5 mounting bolt pattern has been clocked straight up’  for the Front shift T5 tail shaft housing leaving the transmission mount flat.


          If you need an adapter with a T5 bolt pattern that has been clocked ‘5 degrees CCW’  for Stock Ford T-5 to place the mount flat see item #   MD-401-1205CCR


See front shift T-5 transmission MD-552-0251-FS-R, or MD-552-0251-FS-F

  • Machined from 6061 billet Aluminum
  • Precision CNC machined for high quality and fit
  • Transmission alignment to bell maintained
  • Machined for a specific application
  • Machined in logo and part number
  • The best part, it is made in USA!


Additional information

Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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