1964.5-66 Mustang Clutch Cable Kit/ Right-hand Drive



1964.5-66 Mustang Clutch Cable Kit
Right-hand Drive

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  • Detailed Instructions
  • Clears Most Headers
  • Heavy Duty Lined Clutch Cable
  • Mounting Hardware Included


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1964.5-66 Mustang Clutch Cable kit  for Right Hand Drive

Currently, these items are on backorder 

NOTE: This kit does not work with any bell housing that does not have a cable mounting provision and is at least 7″ deep.

A Modern Driveline clutch cable kit will convert your old mechanical linkage and provide you with a modern cable clutch.
This kit will fit any T5, T45, TR3650, T56, or Tremec transmission when installed in your classic right-hand drive 1965-1966 Mustang.

Any of these late-model transmissions can be swapped into your Mustang as long as a cable-compatible bellhousing or scatter shield is used.
This kit includes a heavy-duty lined clutch cable, providing you with a smoother clutch pedal. In this kit, you will have the ability to finely tune the clutch cable with ease. The stock clutch pedal is reused with an adjustable bracket. Modern Driveline even designed the system to be compatible with both manual and most power brake boosters.

Using the stock clutch pedal, a bolt-on adjustable pedal bracket provides the pulling action without welding.
The firewall plate mounts behind the brake master or factory brake booster. and is equipped with an easy-to-access adjustment that requires no tools.


  • This kit works with Pull style clutch forks only
  • It will not work with a push style clutch fork

Kit Includes:

  • Clutch Cable
  • Clutch Brackets
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Detailed Installation Instructions


The clutch cable is not ‘just some fox body cable’, but one specifically designed for the early Mustang to fit ahead of the exhaust that then follows the oil pan flange.  The cable housing is kept in place with mounting hardware using one of the oil pan bolts.   The cable is connected to the cable fork with a fully adjustable rod end.

  “This is a Complete kit.
……….Not all Kits are created equal.
…………….There are no extras to buy to install this upgrade”.

Please Note:
This Modern Driveline Cable Clutch Conversion Kit is designed to work on manual brakes and for power brakes that are using the original style booster.
This Modern Driveline Kit may not work with aftermarket boosters as they might interfere with the mounts that come through the firewall.

This clutch cable conversion kit makes installing a late model Mustang 5-speed or 6-speed transmission into your classic 1965-1966 Mustang a whole lot easier!
“Give your Mustang a much smoother alternative to your stock mechanical linkage with this heavy-duty lined cable.”

This kit works with OE Bendix 8″ booster. It will not work with Midland brake booster (band clamp) and certain aftermarket 8″ and larger brake boosters.




Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3 in


IN-6566M-CC Rev 9



“I already have a T5 in my car, how hard is this to install, and how does the cable attach to the release lever?”


This is not that difficult to install with basic tools, this attaches to the lever by a threaded stud that is part of the cable. Instructions for this can be found under the ‘instructions tab’ on this page.


“My ’66 has a Tremec  5-speed.  I have the original ’66 bell and the T5 bell. Will this work?”


You should be OK with the 5-speed bell,  It works with any cable compatible bellhousing. It will not work with the original manual bell from “66.


Best clutch cable kit.
Overall:  100%
Appearance :  100%
Quality:  100%
Value :  100%
“I Bought this Modern Driveline clutch cable kit for my T5 conversion in My 65 Mustang.
Well built kit, excellent instructions, and Modern Driveline have excellent customer service.”

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