53-56 Ford Truck Bracket Assy. for T5 to Y-block



1950’s (53-56) Ford Trucks. 


53-56 Ford Truck Bracket Assy. for T5 to Y-block

Y-Block F-Series truck Owners… have you considered upgrading your ride from a manual 3 or 4-speed transmission to a T5… But haven’t found a way to keep the mechanical linkage?
Modern Driveline Has the Solution.

We are proud to announce another New MDL Product innovation.

A Bracket Assembly with Hardware for the TremecT5 (WC) to Y-Block, Simulates Ford T-98 & 3-Speed Truck Transmissions bracket on T5z.

We have developed a bracket that simulates the holes on the original transmission so you can attach all your clutch linkage components.

This bracket kit supports various T5 tail housings and bolts into position, saving you the expense of a hydraulic clutch actuation system.

Plenty in stock and just in time for the build season.


So if this has been a stumbling block for you… the wait is over.

Give one of our sales staff a call today.

SKU# MD-605-2056

Modern Driveline offers a full complement of parts to include the ever-popular Front-Shift converted Tremec T5z transmission.
We also have in stock clutches, fork pins, cross members, slip yokes, driveshafts, and now our new clutch linkage bracket.


1950’s (53-56) Ford Trucks. 


IN-605-2506 Rev 0