Ford RXT Twin-Disk Clutch Set -10 spline/small ring 10.5″ metric/long


Clutch Set, RXT, Twin disk, 10 spline, small ring 10.5″ metric/long, Ford alignment tool. 


The RXT Street Twin clutch kit is an ideal clutch for the extreme horsepower street enthusiast with an economically priced clutch kit that does not include a flywheel.
Able to hold up to 1000hp.
The extreme version of the McLeod RST clutch kit is for those who have kicked it up another notch and still want to remain street-able.
The Ceramic facings on the clutch discs provide slightly aggressive engagement with a soft pedal effort makes this clutch suitable for most street performance enthusiasts.

Kit includes:
Pressure Plate, two ceramic friction discs, floater plate, McLeod Patent-Pending adapter ring & pilot tool.

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Additional information

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in


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