GM T5 Tilton Slip-on T/O bearing


Hydraulic CSC T/O bearing, Tilton 6000 Slip-on, GM T-5, flat face bearing.

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GM T5 Tilton Slip-on T/O bearing 6000 Series, is a flat-faced bearing.

  “This is a Complete kit.
……….Not all Kits are created equal.
…………….There are no extras to buy to install this upgrade”.

The Modern Driveline GM T5 Tilton Slip-on T/O bearing kit includes:

  • Hydraulic Release Bearing
  • Stainless Steel adjustment Sleeve
  • Steel braided supply (AN4) and bleed lines
  • Anti-rotation bolt and high strength transmission retainer bolt
  • Union fitting (connect to main supply line)



  • Billet aluminum body and piston precision machined in-house at Tilton
  • Stainless steel threaded sleeve offers nearly 1.25″ of adjust-ability
  • High-temperature mono-seal design features a quad tension-er to ensure proper seal tension and the highest reliability
  • Constant contact design self adjusts for clutch wear and maintains the same pedal feel throughout the clutch’s life
  • Newly designed swivel fittings have been thoroughly tested to ensure against leakage
  • High-quality flat face bearing with 1.71″ – 3.03″ contact diameter fits most 8.5″ – 11″ bent-finger and lever-type clutches

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These kits come with 5/16″ bearing retainer bolts if you have 3/8″ bolts as in the case of OEM Muncie transmissions… please call to discuss   208-453-9800

Using hydraulic technology from Tilton Engineering (Tilton 6000 Series), these new bearings are easy to install (slip over the bearing retainer of the transmission), and are built to last.  The LF Series Internal Hydraulic Release Bearing is designed as a solution where the external slave causes interference or where no external kit has been developed.  The light pedal feel of the LF Series is maintained with the added benefit of no clearance issues.

Compatibility extends to most bell housings.  While the external slave only works with specific bells, the internal style allows the use of other bells (ie: original 4-speed bells, big block bells, etc).  In fact, one of the markets for this slave is the Ford 4-speed Toploader.

The adjustable sleeve allows nearly 1.25″ of adjustment to accommodate a wide variety of clutches.  The bearing height is adjustable from 1.77″ to 3.00″.  Piston travel is a full 0.7″
Bearing retainer guild tube size should measure 1.375″

A typical complete solution consists of the LF Series Master Clutch Kit, a steel braided line of appropriate length, and the LF Series Internal Hydraulic Release Bearing.


Kits are available for:

  • Ford T5’s, Ford TKO’s, Ford Toploaders
  • Ford T56’s with CSC hydraulic setup already
  • XL Magnum T56 for 2005+ Ford Mustangs
  • LS and Viper T56’s
  • GM T5’s, GM TKO’s

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 4 in


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