TREMEC Super Duty T5 5-Speed: Truck Y-block Front shift/Rear Socket



TREMEC T5z for Y-block Truck with Front Shift with a rearward socket location.
The shifter is located about 13.25″ from the back of the block.


Setup for a mechanical speedometer.

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MDL tooled up and designed a two-socket, front shift, T5 that is great for a pickup truck to bring the shifter up ahead of the seat.
This model was designed to be adapted behind a Ford pickup Y-block bellhousing using our MD-401-2105 adapter plate. It has a longer input (7-7/8″).
If you using a car Y-block bellhousing, see our shorter input shaft model MD-552-0251-FS-F model.

This same transmission can be used with a 94-95 Mustang T5 bellhousing behind a small block Ford engine. 


  • MDL Quick shifter (Required), Shifter location from the main case is 11.75″ (optional offset shift stub is available to move up to 2″ additional forward or rearward.
    Ask our sales staff for more details)
  • Torque rating 330ft/lbs
  • Gear Ratio 2.95, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00 with a .63 overdrive
  • Steel front bearing retainer
  • Carbon fiber 3-4 synchro rings
  • Improved synchronizers and bearings
  • Cobra style pocket bearing
  • 10 spline input shaft
  • 28 spline output shaft
  • Ford speedo drive, 7 tooth speedo gear
  • Uses GM Transmission mount (MD-604-1102, not included)

 If you are not sure, give us a call, we will answer your questions.   208-453-9800

Alternate Part Numbers

Note: MDL front shift tail shaft housing is also available in kit form
Front shift kit Forward position T5  MD-510-1001 (Requires MDL quick shifter)
Front shift kit Rear position T5  MD-510-1000


OE Manual equipped cars


Removal of current & installation of new tailshaft housing  


If you need a transmission upgrade to get better performance and better fuel economy. 
MDL has all of the Mustang Transmission parts you need, including shifters, flywheels, clutch cables, clutch kits, and more, for your new manual transmission.

TECH GUIDE: 5 Things to Consider When Converting to a TREMEC

Additional information

Weight 1520 oz
Dimensions 39 × 13.5 × 17 in




  1. Neutral Safety Switch
  2. Reverse Light Switch
  3. Mechanical Speedometer Output
  4. Standard Shifter Position
  5. Ford Specific Bolt Pattern
  6. Mechanical Clutch Release Bearing Retainer
  7. Transmission mount location
  8. Fluid drain & fill ports
  9. Mechanical clutch release bearing guide tube

Input shaft diameter is 1-1/16th inch, we do not have an input shaft for the larger application which measures 1-3/4″ in diameter.

1352-000-251 26.4 7.14 21.4 31.6 3.03 SBF
MD-552-0251-05 SEMI-REMOTE 7.88 24.5 26.3 4.3 S197 4.0L
MD-552-0251-94 27.01 7.88 22.03 32.23 3.03 SN95
MD-552-0251-FS-F 18.89 7.14 23.14 31.6 2.75 MANY
MD-552-0251-FS-R 20.39 7.14 23.14 31.6 2.75 MANY
MD-552-0251-YFS-F 19.63 7.88 23.88 32.23 2.75 Y-BLOCK & ADAPTER
MD-552-0251-YFS-R 21.13 7.88 23.88 32.23 2.75 Y-BLOCK & ADAPTER


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