2015-2018 Mustang T56 Magnum XL

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Mustang 2015-2018 T56 Magnum XL fits the S555 Platform to ensure crisp shifting.

5.0L Coyote Mustang GT MT82 to T56 Magnum XL


5.2L VooDoo Shelby GT350 T56 Magnum XL Solution


NOTE:  This is not a direct bolt-in replacement for 2019 & up Mustang
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For those looking to improve shifting action and not miss a shift under load, the direct mounted Magnum XL with an SFI 6.1 certified scatter shield is the answer.
With is 26 spline input shaft, the XL will replace the TR6060 with a simple drive one-piece driveshaft swap.
Rated a 700ft/lbs the Magnum XL handles the power that even the most hopped-up GT500 can dish out.
When you add the MDL ‘Quick Stick’ direct shift shifter, no more missed shifts, you will feel connected to your ride. 



  • Increase in fuel economy with overdrive.
  • Lower RPM’s for more drive-ability and a much quieter in-car feeling. 
  • Reduce wear on your engine & drive-train parts
  • Reduce engine temperatures, promoting a longer-lasting engine.


5.0L Mustang GT  MT82 to T56 Magnum XL Solution

It is challenging for us at Modern Driveline to understand the engineering logic behind the Getrag MT-82 six-speed transmission in the 2015-2018 Mustang. The factory-installed MT-82 employs a semi-remote shifter attached to the transmission tunnel tied to the transmission via a shifter rail that, at best, delivers sloppy shift performance with the luster of a broomstick in a barrel. Notchy shifting. Locked out gears. And the sinking sound of a failed gearbox.

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If you’re going to hit the road with a bang-shift attitude for a little canyon cutting, you want a confident feel in your hand.
This is why Modern Driveline offers Mustang 2015-2018 T56 Magnum XL which is a suitable drop-in replacement designed and engineered for a brute Mustang kind of day — the Modern Driveline/TREMEC T-56 Magnum XL double overdrive six-speed manual transmission.
The MDL T-56 Magnum XL conversion package for the 2015-2018 Mustang is an easy weekend install because Modern Driveline has thought of all of it for you.


Experience the MDL difference:

  • We extend the manufacturer’s warranty by an extra year… and we add a 1-year grace period.
  • We offer the best-in-the-industry customer service.
  • When you purchase a complete MDL Conversion Package you get, lifetime technical support.

Here’s what you get for your investment:

    T56 Service Manual

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