60-65 Falcon 5-Speed Conversions

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1960- 65 Ford Falcon, Comet, Ranchero 

If you are undecided as to which clutch release system is right for you, we can help you through the process of what is right for you.

MODERN DRIVELINE  Offers the most complete line of five and six-speed conversions for Falcon.
Our line of products offers simple ways to upgrade your 3,4 speed to a Tremec five-speed or a complete automatic to five-speed overdrive, we have you covered.

  Experience the MDL Difference,

  • We extend the manufacturer’s warranty by an extra year.
    And we add a 1-year grace period.
  • We offer the best in the industry customer service.
  • When you purchase a complete MDL Conversion Package you get, lifetime technical support.


1963 Ford Falcon Short Video Montage

T5 Five-Speed Single Overdrive Conversion

Inline Six-cylinder conversions

Ford built many of these Falcons with 144/170/200 inline six cylinders engines with manual shift three speeds transmissions.  The three-speed was budget-minded and was not great in their day,  Fast forward to today, these same transmissions are worn out are in need of replacement.  The answer is a Front shift T5 five-speed with an overdrive.  This allows the Falcon to travel comfortably at highway speed in the mid-2,000 rpm range.  Installing a T5 into a Falcon is easy.  Using most of the three-speed like bellhousing, and clutch linkage, all that is needed is a new conversion clutch, adapter plate, T5, crossmember, and a few other supporting parts. The only tunnel modification needed is to insert a shifter hole in the floor. Our front shift T-5 places the shifter very close to the stock four-speed location.
If your Falcon has a floor shift from the factory, we recommend moving the tunnel extension and patching it in.
The T5 shifter will be in the center of the tunnel allowing for more legroom.

Falcons were equipped with 2.77 3 speed with an 8.5″ clutch set.  This is easily identified by looking for three starter bolts.  If there are 2 starter bolts this means the flywheel is a 136 tooth with a 9″.  If not stock, this means that someone has transplanted a later driveline into the car.  Regardless if which bellhousing you have, MDL offers several T-5 adapter plates to make this conversion easy.

OK, your Falcon is equipped with an automatic.  MDL has a complete conversion package to make this easy.  Our T-5 conversion kit includes hard-to-find items like a new inline six-cylinder flywheel, conversion clutch, reproduction easy to install clutch pedal to the correct slip yoke for ready-to-bolt in the driveshaft, and everything in between.

Article:  Ford In-line 6 Cylinder Bell Housing/ Starter & Clutch Match-up


V8 Conversions

Manual to Five Speed

Five bolt 260/289

60-65 Falcons were equipped with five-bolt 260 and 289ci blocks.  This somewhat limits your selection on how to convert Falcon to a five-speed but we still have a choice in doing so.

If your Falcon is a manual shift, the less expensive way to add an overdrive to your ride is to install a T5 five-speed.  Our Front shift T5 is located ahead of the floor support.  If you install a Mustang T5, the floor support has to be cut and we don’t recommend this. The tunnel left intact and uses many of the OE bellhousing-related parts.  MDL has the correct narrow transmission pattern to T5 adapter plate MD-401-2101.  Since the T5 has the same input shaft spline and pilot tip, it slips in place. 
has a complete line of clutches and flywheels if you should need a replacement.  Using the stock clutch linkage and bellhousings keeps the conversion simple and lowers your costs.
If you are running a fair amount of power and run your Falcon in motorsports events, the QuickTime scatter shield is available that will allow the T5 or TKO to be installed without an adapter plate.
The QuickTime bellhousing was built to use either the stock clutch linkage or clutch cable release.  With the cable fork, MDL offers an external hydraulic slave cylinder to provide the smoothest pedal feel and the most header clearance.

Six bolt 289/302/5.0L equipped

If you are installing later six-bolt block SBF in your Falcon such as 302 or 5.0L HO of the 90’s you have more choice in bellhousings.  The 3/4 speed bellhousings had  “Toploader” four-speed wide pattern.  Modern Driveline’s MD-401-2102 bolt to the bellhousing to allow the Fox-body T-5 to bolt right up using all the stock clutch linkage.   Another option to installing a T5 behind a six-bolt block is the fox body T5 bellhousing.  With this bellhousing you don’t need an adapter plated and you can use a 157-tooth flywheel from the 3,4 speed.

With a T5 bellhousing you have choices three choices in the clutch linkage, Stock mechanical linkage, cable, or hydraulic.

Mechanical linkage – T5 bellhousing is designed for cable release and is deeper.  To install a mechanical fork the fulcrum kit is required to mount the fork.
The kit has a spacer to keep the fork in the same location.  MDL can predrill the mounting holes for you with our fixture to ensure the mounting hole location is current.

Cable clutch release – Since T5 bellhousing is designed for a cable release, the matching fork is required. It is important to know the 3,4-speed mechanical release clutch can no longer be used as it will be too tall.  MDL offers a cable release clutches for 10″ long pattern as well as the 10.4″ Metric bolt patterns.  The pressure plate lever height is lower and the release is faster.
To use the stock clutch pedal, MDL engineered a cable kit to the bolts to the 65-66 Mustang pedal which comes complete with a firewall plate, and custom double adjustable cable that is routed around the exhaust system.

60-65 Falcon/Ranchero/Comet – Clutch Cable kit

Hydraulic release –   MDL developed a complete line of hydraulic clutch release we call our LF (Light Foot) Series.  The master cylinder mounts on the firewall using the mechanical linkage that connects to the stock clutch pedal.
The linkage provides proper leverage and control while providing design flexibility.  Using the T5 and cable fork, our external slave cylinder mounts the back of the bellhousing pushing the fork forward. Our hydraulic system provides the most exhaust clearance while providing the softest pedal effect.

1960-65 Falcon/Comet, LF Series Hyd Clutch Master Kit,


Bob Ream equipped his 1964 Ford Falcon A/FX with a T56 Magnum

Automatic or full conversion packages

Modern Driveline has perfected the auto-to-five-speed conversion.  When you contact us we will ask you a shortlist of questions to better understand your needs and wants.
Using our complete line of products, we can offer you everything you need to remove an automatic or completely replace the stock 3,4-speed gearbox.
If your project demands everything from scratch, we got you covered.

When removing an automatic, nothing remains.
Our auto kit provides everything from the block to the second u-joint.  It is important to know which balance crank is installed in your motor.  289/302 up to 1980 from the factory were 280oz imbalanced.
All 5.0L from 81-95 are 50oz imbalanced unless the crank has been changed.  Today there are many that are building zero-balanced SBF like Ford Racing.
Let us know what you are planning to run.
We will suggest the right clutch to run based on your horsepower and driving style.
In most cases, we can have a detailed quote prepared for you in under 15-20 minutes.


Solutions are TAILORED to your needs with many or all of the following:

Front shift T5 5 Speed Transmission

  • Aluminum or ‘QuickTime’ Steel Bell-housing
  • Superior Diaphragm Clutch matched to your horsepower and usage.
  • Cast or Lightened Billet Steel Flywheel
  • Falcon T-5 US. made Steel Cross-member
  • Transmission Mount
  • Reverse switch harness
  • Shift Ball & Lever and Boot
  • Clutch pedal and pads
  • Clutch cable or Hydraulic Master and Slave clutch linkage
  • Synthetic ATF Oil
  • All Fastening Hardware
  • High-Speed Precision Balanced Aluminum or Steel Driveshaft
  • Detailed Installation Instructions and Lifetime Tech Support

The MDL conversion packages build to meet your needs.  
You get ALL the components you need, all the parts you don’t 
When comparing costs be sure you are comparing apples to apples on the contents, quality & after the order service.

Components are:  IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP.

Click or call for a customized Quote for your Requirements.