61-64 Ford Galaxie 5 & 6 Speed Conversions

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Offers  five and six-speed conversions for
Small Block, Big Block or Mod Motor Swapped Galaxie

Our line of products offers simple ways to upgrade your 3 or 4-speed
to a Tremec five-speed or a complete automatic to five or six-speed overdrive.
We have you covered.


  • Increase in fuel economy with overdrive.
  • Lower RPM’s for more drive-ability and a much quieter in-car feeling. 
  • Reduce wear on your engine & drive-train parts
  • Reduce engine temperatures, promoting a longer-lasting engine.


Experience the MDL Difference,

  • We extend Tremec’s factory warranty by an extra year.
    And add a 1-year grace period.
  • We offer the best in the industry customer service.
  • When you purchase a complete MDL Conversion Package you get, lifetime technical support.


For more drive-ability from your classic ride, we have the solutions for you, With cable or hydraulic clutch release

We can supply everything you need from the back of the block to the driveshaft.

From I-6 to FE and even Mod motor upgrades we have a solution for your classic

You get all the parts you need and none you don’t.


Solutions are TAILORED to your needs
With many or all of the following:
TREMEC 5 or 6-Speed Transmission with Shifter

      • All Fastening Hardware 
      • Aluminum or ‘QuickTime’ Steel Bell-housing
      • Superior Diaphragm Clutch or McLeod or Tilton Twin-Disk matched to your horsepower and usage.
      • Modern Driveline U.S.A. made Lightened Billet Steel Flywheel
      • U.S.A. made Steel Cross-member
      • Transmission Mount
      • Wiring Harness & Plugs
      • Shift Ball & Lever and Boot
      • Hydraulic Master and Slave clutch linkage
      • Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
      • High-Speed Precision Balanced Aluminum or Steel Driveshaft
      • Detailed Installation Instructions and Lifetime Tech Support

The MDL conversion packages are as complete as possible.
You get ALL the components you need where competitors’ packages provide only the basics.
When comparing costs be sure you are comparing apples to apples,
When it comes to the contents, quality & especially after the order service.

MDL is a stocking distributor…
This means most items are on the shelf ready to ship.


Click here to see our Frequently Asked TECH-Questions/Answers page


TKX Five Speed Single Overdrive Conversion up to 750hp


For higher torque applications or you’re a ‘spirited driver,’ the TKX series five-speed is the latest offering from Tremec
check out these stats.

Rated for 600lb/ft of torque, will support shifting up to 8000rpm thanks to triple cone hybrid sintered synchronizers that the Tremec T56 Magnums have to make your driving experience the best.

The new end loading design makes for a stronger case with a new sleeker profile, eliminating top covers, that would have restricted room in the tunnel.


Below you can see the differences between the TKO & TKX cases


Click here to read more about the TKX



These images are of the MDL modified TKX, especially for ’61-64′ Galaxie placing your shifter in stock OE position.


FE-powered galaxies between 1961 & 64, we have a dedicated shifter application for that too.


The TKX offers a little more adjustment approx. 5/8″ at the tail shaft vertically for the driveline angle.

Perfect for Pro-Streeters who love to tuck the rear suspension up into their ride.


Please call or click for a customized quote for your Requirements.