Low Profile Top Cover for TKO



MDL’s  Low profile Top Covers Option for TKO series transmissions.

Installed, with new core exchange.

Allowing you to get more clearance in those tight spots inside the trans tunnel.

Why Low Profile TKO?

Modern DriveLine has introduced a Low-Profile modification to be used on Tremec TKO500 & TKO600 transmissions.

This option slims down the top of the transmission for a better fit in your transmission tunnel.

In certain vehicles… this option allows the drive angle to be maintained for clearance of the following:

  • Air Cleaner to Hood clearance on High-Rise manifolds.
  • Shaker Hoods
  • Cold-Air Intakes
  • Mechanical Fan with Shroud
  • Tall Valve Covers
  • Mod-Motor Retrofits with/without modified suspension

This option can also be paired with a Specific-Fit Low-Profile transmission cross member – now available for 67-73 Mustangs.

Call us to find out of your vehicle is a candidate for a Low-Profile TKO208-453-9800