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Hydraulic Clutch Linkage FAQ Index

We carry complete solutions for hydraulic clutch conversions for classic cars. Our solutions are complete systems engineered for compatibility between the master and the slave, whether the slave is internal or external. The master is engineered to provide the greatest amount of pedal stroke at the least pedal pressure. For more information see our hydraulics page.

  • Which is better, the internal slave or the external slave?

    It is really a matter of personal preference and your physical setup. The external slave is less expensive than a internal slave. Some people want to push the cylinder away from the header so the internal is their preference. Other people want the external so if anything goes wrong it does not require pulling the trans.

    For more information see our hydraulics page.


  • How hard is it to install a hydraulic system?

    Compared to a cable system the hydraulic system requires more labor and time to install for alignment and bleeding of the system.


  • How do I know if I have the internal slave cylinder setup correctly?

    Internal slave cylinders should be resting about .120" - .150" off the pressure plate fingers and disengage the clutch fully with .450 - .500" travel at the clutch fingers.


  • Can I use my stock master cylinder with an aftermarket slave?

    In most cases the factory master cylinder can be used with a aftermarket slave cylinder if so equipped.


  • What is the difference between an internal and external slave cylinder kit?

    Internal slave cylinder is located inside the bellhousing and is mounted either on or in place of the bearing retainer. It replaces the throwout bearing. External slave cylinders push or pull a clutch lever from outside the bellhousing.