Who is MDL?

Modern DriveLine is a five and six-speed manual shift overdrive conversion specialist.
Our product offerings are centered around Tremec transmissions due to their OE high performing quality.
We engineer & develop many of the supporting products needed to install or update Tremec transmissions into classic hotrods, to modern-day muscle, and everything in between.
Our goal is to provide the best fitting transmission for our project using as many of the parts you already have.
We will ask you a series of questions to understand your needs and provide you with a detailed list of transmission components.

Our Business Philosophy

At Modern DriveLine our goal is to provide top-notch service, our environment is built on integrity, respect, and a love of performance
We do this by providing high-quality Award Winning products backed by unrivaled customer service.

An MDL purchase comes with the added value of quality, expertise & loads of solid advice.
It’s not enough to provide the best parts for your build, we want to help you with your goals really understand your project, and we’re involved and engaged with your vision.
This promotes great collaboration and inspires design and car-crafting at its best.

Faced with some of the toughest times the world has ever seen, reliability in moments that count is even more important than before.
That’s why we offer our high-quality products that are proven by the Everyday Driver, Racer, and Enthusiast at a price point that meets the American blue-collar worker’s budget.
Our driveline components come with a promise of quality we stand behind. That’s the Modern DriveLine way; that’s the American way.

Our business is built on word of mouth. We hope you will tell a friend about us when you receive good service and advice.

How We Roll

In 2023 we are celebrating 25 years of hands-on time in this business
Our staff is made up of ‘Car-Guys & Gals’ just like you,
Modern DriveLine provides the knowledge, innovation, and experience to deliver a positive personalized buying experience,
that you can count on on over and over again.


What does this mean to you…

We are here to help advise and educate beginning with designing your solution through to the purchase process.
But it doesn’t stop there…
We have engineering staff to help you through your installation should you need it.
We are adding helpful videos & How-To articles all the time. We are here to help from start to finish!

We have a reputation as the ‘GO-TO’ source for the best manual 5 & 6-speed solutions.

Our Company

Our business started out of need. Being a part of the Shelby Club of Northern California, it was apparent that there was a need for a company focused on modern overdrive transmissions that understand the needs of high performance, and not-so-high-performance owners.
Working for Charlie’s Mustangs in the ’90s, Bruce began repairing T5 transmissions.

In 1996 Bruce purchased a 65 Mustang hardtop that needed restoring. It was equipped with a V8 automatic. After driving the car for a year, he decided the car needed a manual transmission.
A T5 five-speed was chosen for its size and drivability. While searching for conversion parts, he found there were very few companies offering five-speed conversion parts or complete packages.
It was this search that showed a need for better-fitting parts that are easy to install and long-lasting.

We have added to the lineup from the T5/Mustang beginnings and now offer many new applications and continue to work on new projects.
We now address the six-speed market, as well as, Falcon, Cobras, trucks, Hotrods and Big blocks, small blocks, six-cylinder, Y-blocks, and flathead conversion parts and packages.
MDL continued broadening the product line in 2008 with GM and Mopar components, with more being added each month.
In 2009 we introduced the LF series hydraulics to meet the needs of the market.
2019 was a great year for us as we were recognized with the ‘Best new engineered Product’ at SEMA, for our SN 95 Mustang Hydraulic clutch program.
2020 MDL released many more Hydraulic clutch solutions to the market for GM & Ford.

Modern Driveline has been in business without fail since 1998.
Hundreds of transmissions have been rebuilt, and custom-built.
Our products are now installed in well over 10,000 vehicles, ranging from model A’s to current production vehicles across the country and in foreign countries.
Modern Driveline is here to serve you with your driveline conversion needs whether it is a stock 6 cylinder or a high-performance V8 or anything in between.

Convert your classic to a modern Hotrod today.

The Man Behind the Name

Hello, my name is Bruce Couture…  I believe that a business is only as good as the people behind it. I have been installing high-performance parts on early and late model Mustangs since 1996. In 1996 I worked with Charlie’s Mustangs in San Jose, CA. While there I installed superchargers, Baer brakes, EFI conversions, mass air systems in F series trucks, six-speed conversions, and more. If it was a V8 or larger, Charlie’s shop made it faster.

In my off hours, I run a 92 Mustang LX  “the Blue coupe” set up for open tracking. It sports a supercharged 327 stroker producing 486hp at the rear wheels.  All that power is handled with a T5z with a single disk 10.5″ Kevlar clutch.  The car that really started Modern Driveline is my 65 Mustang Coupe. The car came to me as an unfinished project.  Shortly after restoring the car, I decided the automatic wasn’t chosen for me.  I decided a T5 five-speed was a better choice.  After finding almost nothing to install a five-speed in a classic Mustang, start developing all the supporting parts to do so.  This experience led others with the Nor-Cal Shelby Club to take notice and a business was born.  Many of the original parts we developed were built on my small collection of cars. Our clutch cable kit, cross-members, and hydraulics kits were all fitted to my personal cars before being released as a product for MDL.  If it’s not good enough in my car, it’s not good enough to sell. Since then we havbe developed many new parts systems and kits for all manner of FORD, GM, MOPAR, Sunbeam Tiger and a few select other makes.

2015 saw the completion of a red ’86 Mustang convertible which Charlie had disassembled in the early ’90s.  After many years of sitting and moving from California to Idaho, time was found to work on putting the car back together as Charlie would have wanted it.  2015 was the year the paint was applied and the rubber hit the road for the first time in 20-some years.

In 2007 Modern DriveLine set up shop in Caldwell Idaho which allowed us to continue to grow & improve as a company. In the last 13 years, MDL has grown to a business of over a dozen staff members and over 10,000 square foot layout.
All of this has allowed us to future develop new products, build in-house brand clutches, and better serve our customers.

MDL has been a Tremec Elite distributor since 2008 allowing us to purchase directly from Tremec for both transmission assemblies and service parts.
Currently, we have a service center repairing Borg-Warner T5 World Class only no non-world class T5, T45, and T56 as well as Tremec 3550, and 3650.

Modern DriveLine is proud to have been an innovative member for over 25 years in the car community, making us one of the oldest 5 & 6-Speed Conversion Specialists today!
We have warehousing full of the many items that customers need to complete their projects fast. 

Founded in 1998 by Bruce Couture, his passion for modern driveability in his classic Mustang has evolved into today’s MDL.
Our engineered solutions from Flywheels to Driveshafts and everything in between is all about the love of driving. Our continuing Innovation has produced Hydraulic clutch solutions for many applications Ford, Chevy, Mopar & others Our clutch program features In-house hand-assembled clutches tailored to your horsepower & use.

Keep an eye open at your clocal ar show, There is a chance you will see one of us or a car we’ve supplied a kit for. If you do, be sure to say hi.