Have you been using our products and wish to become a dealer? 

We can set up a program to fits your needs.

To get started we will require several of the following items as proof of the business’s existence.

  • Business license. /  Reseller’s Certificate.
  • The Commercial Address of your business
  • A credit card that bills to that address and contact info. for the same.
  • Website for Business and/or Facebook page. for the Business interested in becoming a dealer.
  • A Commercial Address Location on ‘Google maps’.


Modern DriveLine offers three different levels of dealer programs.

  1. Warehousing Distributors     click this link to learn more

  2. Retailers / Resellers              click this link to learn more

  3. Jobber / Installer                   click this link to learn more

Good to know info:


Six-speed transmission packages are shipped by LTL freight to a qualifying commercial address or freight center at a flat rate of $200.

MDL has…  banners, hats, T-shirts, key chains, pens, and other promotional items available to help promote sales, please inquire when you ask about becoming a dealer.





Contact us today for more information and become a dealer.

  208-453-9800   /   info@moderndriveline.com


simply fill out the form below


MDL Dealer Application Form

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    Thank you for your interest in the MDL dealer program.