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  • You receive a 10% discount on parts MDL offers except for Tremec transmissions.
  • When purchasing transmission packages, as defined above all the supporting parts are discounted.

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MDL Shipping Plus

  • With MDL, your shipment is insured against shipping damage, we add extra packing & protective materials to ensure each and every piece of your order is traveling safely.
  • Transmission boxes have extra expansion foam added and are banded before they leave the warehouse, for the very same reason.
  • Orders are double-checked to ensure accuracy before shipping.

We work with you all the way through your buying experience

  • We’ll have a conversation with you about your project, we’ll help you build the order you need. Your order is reviewed and then the order is packed.
  • Your payment is only required when the order is sitting on the shipping dock ready to go out. But it doesn’t stop there…
    If you have any questions or concerns our staff will answer your call and speak with you to resolve any concerns.
  • Remember On all complete packages we extend the manufacturer’s warranties by 1-extra year
    and add a 1-year grace period before your warranty starts.



A resellers certificate or business license in the Automotive industry
Payment is due prior to shipment by check, E-check, or major credit card.
E-check can earn you 11% off MDL items.