TREMEC 6-speed manual transmissions are found in high-performance, flagship vehicles.
Along with the capability to stand up to some of the highest torque engines in the industry, the 6-speed lineup from TREMEC delivers a great overall shift feel with short throws and smooth gear synchronization. Design features include a combination of double-cone and triple-cone synchronizers on all gears. Anti-friction ball struts and fine-pitch splines provide reduced friction between components. A spring-loaded anti-friction roller, in combination with broached forward and reverse detent grooves on the main shaft, provide precise control of shift detents and a positive shift feel.

Gearsets Tailored to Enhance Performance

Reduced fore and aft shift travel, and narrow synchronizer hubs allow for greater face width on all gears. The gears utilize a two-piece design with machined clutch teeth for more precise gear engagement.

6-Speed Features at a Glance

  • Rear-wheel drive, six-speed manual overdrive transmission
  • Close-ratio gearing
  • Three-piece “end load design” aluminum housing
  • Triple supported output shaft and countershaft
  • Taper bearings and cylindrical roller bearings
  • All speed gears supported by needle bearings
  •  Integrated clutch housing improves case strength
  • Two-piece gears with laser welded clutch teeth rings
  •  Advanced and asymmetric clutch teeth in second and third gears improves shifting action
  • Multiple shifter locations for design/installation flexibility
  •  Hybrid and sintered bronze double and triple cone synchronizers offer lightning quick gear changes with fluid-like engagement