60-65 Falcon/Ranchero/Comet – Clutch Cable kit


1960-65 Falcon/Ranchero/Comet – Clutch Cable kit


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1960-65 Falcon/Ranchero/Comet – Clutch Cable kit

A Modern Driveline clutch cable kit is the perfect solution for T5 and TKO/TKX cable-operated bellhousing conversions.

Using the 60-65 Falcon/Comet clutch pedal, a bolt-on adjustable pedal bracket provides the pulling action without welding.
The firewall plate mounts behind the brake master or factory brake booster.
The firewall is equipped with an easy-to-access adjustment that requires no tools.

MDL’s clutch cable is not ‘just some fox body cable’, but one specifically designed for the early Falcons/Comet to fit ahead of the exhaust that then follows the oil pan flange.
The cable housing is kept in place with mounting hardware using one of the oil pan bolts.
The cable is connected to the cable fork with a fully adjustable rod end.

NOTE: This kit does not work with any bell housing that does not have a cable mounting provision and is at least 7″ deep.

  • This kit works with Pull style clutch forks only
  • It will not work with a push-style clutch fork


60-65 Falcon, Comet, Ranchero

  “This is a Complete kit.
……….Not all Kits are created equal.
…………….There are no extras to buy to install this upgrade”.


Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3 in


IN-6065F-CC Rev 4


MDL Quick-Tech: Clutch Cable Adjustment


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