Y-Block/Flathead Clutch Set 11″ Long Pattern/ 10-Spline/ Organic facings/ Mechanical Actuation







What it fits:  Y-block and Flathead

What it’s for: Street, Daily use, Cruising.

What it comes with:

  • Mech T/O bearing,
  • Y-block pilot bearing
  • Clutch alignment tool


Organic Faced  MDL Clutch Set

Application: Y-block and Flathead


  • 11″ long pattern 3-3/8″ Diaphragm pressure plate
  • Organic facings
  • 10 spline 1-1/16″ disk
  • 1-year warrantyALL our clutch disks are ‘ hand-built in-house ‘ so that we may control quality & tolerances.
    they are all checked & double-checked for accuracy before they go in the box for shipping.

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