05-08 4.0L Mustang Clutch Set/ Kevlar/Ceramic Bronze


What it fits:     2005-08  4.0L Mustang
What it’s for:  Street, Cruising
What it comes with:

  • 26 spline hub
  • alignment tool
  • pilot bearing


MDL Superior Brand Clutch Set – Kevlar/Ceramic Bronze

Application:  2005-08 4.0L Mustang


Comes with:

  • 26 spline hub
  • alignment tool
  • pilot bearing

The clutch disk has Kevlar / Ceramic facing on the pressure plate side for smooth engagement for superior drivability and twice the service life of a stock Organic facing.  

Carrier has a fully sprung hub for dampening and a Marcel spring for full clutch control
Ford 26 spline hub

Ceramic or bronze friction material is for higher horsepower applications, quicker shifts wanted in road racing, and a hard-hitting bite for launching for drag racing. The other application for these surfaces is when going to a larger diameter clutch and/or heavier pressure plate is not an option. 

Ceramics and semi-metallics have a higher ‘coefficient of friction than the other materials MDL offers, so it bites harder and holds more power, given the same clamping force.   These surfaces are desired in racing applications for how quickly they engage, as well as for handling extreme heat and abuse.  MDL ceramics have iron pieces in them that create more friction as the material gets hotter.  

For more street-oriented applications, we would use ceramics when we need higher holding power but can’t fit a larger diameter disk (more surface area = more holding power).
If you can’t go to a pressure plate with a higher clamp load, then Ceramic metallic surfaces is a good way to go.  As an example, smaller engines make good power but are limited to sub 10″ disk size.
The 3 attributes that determine the torque rating of a clutch are:

  1. Surface area (disk size)
  2. Coefficient of friction (Kevlar, organic, ceramic)
  3. Clamping force of the pressure plate.  To get higher torque handling ratings, we must increase at least one of those 3. 

All MDL clutches are hand-assembled In-house to ensure quality and flawless operation before they are shipped.
This means you receive a ready-to-install Premium piece right out of the box backed by a 1-year defect warranty. 

Additional information

Weight 420 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in