10″ Long Pattern Clutch Assy 10-Spline 1-1/16″ / Kevlar/Organic/ Cable or Hydraulic



MDL Superior 10″ Long Clutch Set

Perfect for those using the stock 289/302 10″ long pattern flywheels converting to a T5 five-speed using a Fox-body bellhousing and cable release fork. 


  • Kevlar facing on the pressure plate side & Organic facings on the flywheel side for smooth cable fork release.
  • Diaphragm pressure plate with 3-1/8″ spacing using 5/16″ pressure plate bolts
  • Ford 10 spline 1-1/16″  hub


  • a cable Throw-out bearing
  • pilot bushing
  • alignment tool.


The clutch disk has a true full Kevlar facing on the pressure plate side for smooth engagement for superior drivability and twice the service life of a stock Organic facing.
Carrier has a fully sprung hub for dampening and a marcel spring for full clutch control

All MDL clutches are hand-assembled In-house to ensure quality and flawless operation before they are shipped.
So you receive a ready-to-install Premium piece right out of the box.


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Additional information

Weight 322 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in


IN-Clutch Install & Break-In Instructions

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