5.2L VooDoo Engine Twin-Disk Clutch Assy. 26-spline/ Alum. Flywheel


5.2L VooDoo Engine Twin-Disk Clutch Assembly

Fits: 2015 – up Shelby GT350 5.2L


FORD 5.2L VOODOO Engine Clutch Set Organic Facings

Fits: 2015-up Shelby Mustang GT350 & GT350 R

A McLeod RST Series Twin Disk Clutch comes pre-assembled
Includes a specialty pre-balance ( valued at $150.00 )
Performed at the manufacturer before shipping.
The 26-spline pressure plate is a direct mount – studded to a 246mm Aluminum Flywheel ready to install right out of the box.



  • Smooth engagement with a soft pedal effort.
  • Non-sprung organic facings
  • Able to handle up to 800 hp.
  • RST Street Twin clutches despite high horsepower handling remain completely street-drivable.

Kit includes:

  • alignment tool.
  • 1-year warranty


This Kit will require a pilot & throw-out bearings as they are not included.






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Additional information

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in


Clutch Usage: Performance
Clutch disk quantity 2
Flywheel included Yes
Input spline count 26
Input Shaft Diameter: 1.125”
Disc Diameter inches 9.687”
Disc Diameter millimeters 2.46mm
Disc Material Organic
Disc Style Full face
Hub Style Un-sprung
Pressure plate style Diaphragm
Throw-out bearing included NO
Pilot bushing included NO
Flywheel Material Aluminum
Ring Gear tooth Count 164
Flywheel bolt Quantity 8
Counterweight assist NO
Mounting hardware NO


Installation / Don’ts

1) Don’t let any grease or oil contact ANY friction Surface.

2) Don’t use an impact (air gun) to tighten cover bolts.

3) Don’t let transmission weight rest on the input shaft during installation.



Follow the installation instructions, this is a pre-balanced clutch for your flat-plane crankshaft and must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


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