63-79 Corvette Cross Member Flange Kit SBC/BBC/ TKX


63-79 Corvette
Factory manual transmission cars only.

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This MDL flange kit allows you to drop out the OE transmission support/exhaust cross-member from 1963 to 1979 Corvettes.
The perfect upgrade kit supporting a 5-speed Tremec TKX series transmission
The flanges solidly mount your new transmission in place
retaining all of the features & benefits of the OEM piece.

Kit includes:
(4) flanges, instructions, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Welding is required for this application.
This does not include a new cross-member, the OE cross-member must be used with a flange Kit.


The crossmember in the pictures is for application of the plate’s purposes only.


The stock transmission crossmember has been cut in two places to free up the central crossmember.
Specific measurements for the cuts can be found in your MDL instructions.
The crossmember tips are dressed with a file and cleaned up for welding.


All paint or powder-coating must be removed for welding.
There are two plates shown here.  One gets welded to the removable crossmember while the other is welded to the existing frame member.







The two flanges (each side gets two flanges) are bolted together for permanent welding to the frame member and removable crossmember.







The removable crossmember and plates are positioned as shown with both flanges bolted together for spot-on accuracy.
The left flange (white arrow) is welded to the existing frame (left side shown here).
The right flange (black arrow) is the MDL removable crossmember.







Getting the removable crossmember perfectly aligned with the existing frame members is a challenge.
Your patience and tenacity are important.
The crossmember and flanges must be perfectly positioned and checked for proper alignment.








John has dressed and cleaned up the frame members.
As a measure of caution, he has tack-welded the flanges just ahead of a fit check.
Tack-welding is suggested ahead of the test fit to give you the option of making changes to fit and to prevent distortion from excessive heating of the steel.







Once the proper fit has been established, John puts a solid bead on the flanges. 








Flanges and frame members are cleaned up and readied for permanent installation.












The installed removable crossmember, bolted into place, should look like this.

Note: *76-79 Factory manual transmission cars only.


Additional information

Weight 65 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in


Installation Instructions for C2 Corvette Cross-member Flange Kit

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