Custom Aluminum Driveshaft 31-Spline/ 1330/ 3.5″ Tube


Driveshaft, Alum, 3.5″ tube, 31 spline forged yoke, 1330 U-joints


Custom Aluminum Driveshaft


  • 3.5″ tube
  • 31 spline, forged yoke
  • 1330 U-joints (under 650hp Custom length up to 51″)


This item requires measurements to be taken from your vehicle when finished.
we ask that you use the driveshaft sheet so we can start building your driveshaft.

Just submit the completed form to



Link To Driveshaft Build Sheet

A high-quality drive shaft plays a big part in a high-performance vehicle.
A performance car needs a drive shaft that can withstand intense conditions, stresses, and speeds without weighing the car down.  

That’s why The driveshafts we provide are always custom-built, and we tailor the driveshaft to the needs of your particular vehicle.  

The custom aluminum driveshafts we offer are a lightweight alternative to traditional steel driveshafts, while aluminum driveshafts can be used for racing they are also a great addition to any day-to-day street vehicles


  If you don’t see what you’re looking for please call.  208-453-9800

Additional information

Weight 288 oz
Dimensions 50 × 6 × 6 in


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