SFI-Carbon Fiber Driveshaft 31 Spline/1350 u-joints



Carbon Fiber Driveshaft,  3.2″ tube, 31 spline Billet yoke
1350 U-joints (under 2000hp/1550ft-lbs up to 65″)
SFI 43.1 cert

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QA1 driveshafts do much more than save weight.

They are designed with the proper torsional stiffness to help your car off the line. Drag racers will see better 60-foot times and road racers will see smoother operations at high speeds.


This item requires measurements to be taken from your vehicle when finished.
we ask that you use the driveshaft sheet so we can start building your driveshaft.

Just submit the completed form to info@moderndriveline.com


Click link for Carbon Fiber 1310 Build Sheet

Click link for Carbon Fiber 1350 Build Sheet


A high-quality drive shaft plays a big part in a high-performance vehicle.  A great car needs a driveshaft that can withstand intense conditions, stresses and speeds without weighing the car down.


That’s why the driveshafts we provide are always custom-built, and we tailor the driveshaft to the needs of your particular vehicle. 

We can provide custom-built steel, aluminum, composite or hybrid drive shafts for just about any car on the road today.

QA1 custom carbon fiber driveshafts are a lightweight alternative to traditional steel driveshafts and can be used for both racing & day to day street use.

Do we have a custom driveshaft for your vehicle?

While we offer some application-specific driveshafts, the majority of the driveshafts we offer are custom ordered because each owner’s car will have different upgrades that could change the length and attachments of the driveshaft. We have custom driveshafts that fit a variety of vehicles, including:

  • 67-02 Camaro/Firebird
  • 64-77 GM A-Body (Chevelle, Malibu, GTO)
  • 64-79 Mopar A-Body (Dart, Duster, Barracuda)*
  • 66-70 Ford Fairlane
  • 78-88 GM G-Body (Malibu, Regal, Cutlass)
  • 62-72 Mopar B-Body (Charger, Road Runner)*
  • 64-73 Mustang
  • 79-04 Mustang with 1350 U-Joints
  • 70-74 Mopar E-Body (Challenger, Barracuda)*


And more!
This is just a shortlist, so please contact us to see if we have a driveshaft that works for your vehicle.

*Pinion yoke may need to be updated to 1350 U-joint.

Additional information

Weight 288 oz
Dimensions 50 × 6 × 6 in


Product info

QA1 REV™ Series performance driveshafts are wound in-house with a resin specifically designed for high performance, so strength and surface protection are built right into the tube. As a result, these one-piece bolt-on driveshafts are lighter and stronger than aluminum, steel, and other carbon fiber driveshafts, all while providing dramatic safety benefits. Available in several lengths and slip yoke options to fit the most popular applications.

  • Wound with 3M™ Matrix Resin
  • Precision CNC machined forged yokes are specially developed for QA1’s 11-step bonding procedure
  • U-joints are high-strength alloy and provide durability and high torque capacity for maximum strength
  • Harmonic tested to ensure NVH requirements
  • Precision balanced to ensure smooth, vibration-free operation
  • Torsion tested and serialized

These carbon fiber driveshafts are custom-made in QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota facility. Download and complete one of our custom order forms to specify your vehicle and engine data desired U-joints, slip yoke option, and driveshaft length for your own unique vehicle.


These custom REV™ Series driveshafts utilize 1310 Series or 1350 Series U-joints and are available in either 2.25″ or 3.2″ diameter in lengths up to 65″. They are offered with a variety of front and rear attachments.

Driveshafts with 1310 U-Joints

Slip Yoke Options:

  • GM 27 – 1.503” O.D., 5.5” Long, Full Spline, Billet
  • GM 32 – 1.886” O.D., 5.5” Long, Full Spline, Billet
  • Ford 28 – 1.499” O.D., 6.0” Long, Full Spline, Billet
  • Ford 31 – 1.684” O.D., 7.0” Long, Full Spline

Driveshafts with 1350 U-Joints

Slip Yoke Options – Counter Bored:

  • GM 27 – 1.503” O.D., 6.9” Long
  • GM 32 – 1.886” O.D., 7.9” Long
  • GM 32 – 1.886” O.D., 5.5” Long
  • GM 32 – 1.888” O.D., 5.5” Long, Hardened +$100
  • Mopar 30 – 1.680” O.D., 6.1” Long

Slip Yoke Options – Full Spline:

  • GM 27 – 1.503” O.D., 5.5” Long
  • GM 32 – 1.886” O.D., 5.5” Long
  • GM 32 – 1.886” O.D., 6.9” Long
  • GM 27 – 1.499” O.D., 5.5” Long, Hardened +$100
  • Ford 28 – 1.598” O.D., 6.6” Long (4R70W)
  • Ford 28 – 1.499″ O.D. 6.5″ Long (C4, A0D, T5, T10)
  • Ford 31 – 1.685” O.D., 6.4” Long

Rear Flange Yoke Options:

  • 4 Bolt, 2.0” Female Pilot, 4.25” Bolt Hole Circle +$100
  • 4 Bolt, 2.95″ female Pilot, 4.75″ Bolt Hole Circle +$100
  • 3 Bolt, 16mm Female Pilot, 10mm Bolt Hole Circle +$200
  • None