94-2004 SN95 MUSTANG HYDRAULIC CLUTCH MASTER .700 BORE/ Billet Reservoir


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MDL 1994-2004 Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Conversion.

SEMA 2020 Award winner
for the Best New Engineered Product


1994-2004 SN-95 Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit
Light Foot Series – Type 2 (.700″ bore x 1.4″ stroke)

**  This kit is used with a forward-mounted PCV Valve in DOHC valve cover.  **

NOTE:  In some cases, his kit may not clear the 32V motor valve cover, please call for your application.


If your PCV valve is rear-mounted on your DOHC you must use the MD-910-0092-P

  • The conversion that uses stock pedal
  • Pedal linkage to convert pull to push
  • No-drill, Bolt-in application
  • Available in three bore sizes to match slave cylinder volume
  • Works with SOHC / DOHC / Modular V8
  • One-man bleeder kit included

This kit converts the factory clutch cable to hydraulic using the stock pedal assembly and clutch cable mounting location.
The kit requires no drilling and can be installed with basic hand tools.

This kit includes:

  • Wilwood master cylinder
  • MDL black anodized Billet reservoir
  • mounting bracket
  • pedal linkage
  • all mounting hardware needed for this application. 

Revolutionary Linkage Design

The LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Master is a revolutionary design for retrofitting hydraulics into the classic cars

Modern Driveline solved these issues with innovative pedal linkage that matches pedal travel with a long-stroke master cylinder for a reduced clutch pedal load.
The linkage allows for great design flexibility and greatly improved driver’s experience.
We offer the master cylinders in three different bore sizes to match the slave cylinder volume requirements.
In most cases, our .700″ bore with 1.4″ stroke is the perfect match for most slave cylinders on the market and all our LF series slaves, Tilton 6000 Series internal bearings. 

Click here to learn more about the Tilton 6000 Slave Throw-out bearing


Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

  • The long-stroke, small-bore master cylinder provides minimized loading of the firewall and pedal effort. 
  • A firewall plate with mechanical linkage greatly reduces firewall load and pedal effort while providing design flexibility to use the stock clutch rod hole.  
  • The mechanical linkage design also allows the full stroke of the pedal to maximize clutch modulation while keeping the cylinder perpendicular to the firewall and providing mechanical advantage thus reducing the pedal pressure required to operate the clutch.

Complete Solutions

Complete solutions of master and slave need to be optimized with matching fluid volume.
For this reason, we offer kits specifically matched to our slaves or to existing slaves on the market. See our recommended slave cylinders below.

Our Type 2 which translates to a  .700″ Bore x 1.4″ stroke master coupled with our complete line of slave cylinders for T-5, T45, 3650, and T-5/Magnum for a complete engineered solution the first time.
This upgrade makes driving fun again with minimal pedal effort and exact actuation every time.
Type 3  .750″ bore x 1.4″ stroke also available

ALL of our hydraulic master kits are hand-assembled in-house ‘ so that we may control quality & precision.
They are all checked & double-checked for fit & finish before they go in the box for shipping.


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