TKX Qwik Stik/ 2″ left & 1.3″-1.8″ back offset/ Rear Socket-Rear Position




MDL Qwik Stik Shifter for TKX

Details:  a 2″ Left and 1.3″ or 1.800″ Back
Located in the Rear position


  • Small top turret to clear floor opening.
  • Billet aluminum for weight savings.
  • A high temperature lower dust oil boot.
  • 3/8″ mounting hardware.
  • The shifter stub has 7/8″ on center mounting which fits most aftermarket shift levers.
  • Bellville washers provide excellent detent which means a crisp 2-3 shifts
  • Belleville spring & no stops allow easy servicing of the shifter when needed.
  • Proudly crafted with care in the USA.
    Made in the USA

Close-ratio / short throw for Tremec TKX to bring your shifter lever up where you need it. 
The narrow shift body will clear the shifter hole without cutting the floor.
The offset stub can be flipped to provide a forward offset to clear bench seats.

Fits: many classic & custom applications

Includes:  new mounting hardware

Talk to one of our Sales staff to dial in your application.


These are precision machined and anodized plates that mount directly to your trans. taking all the worry and hassle out of shifter placement.
All ‘Quick Stick’ shifters come with mounting hardware.

             This is an MDL


       Engineered Solution



Attach your shift lever, boot, and shift knob and you’re all set.



GRAB IT   –   SHIFT IT   –   GO!




Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in