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Mustang Mania — We Get It…

Modern Driveline means real Mustang power-train solutions

At Modern Driveline, we know why you drive Mustangs. You drive Mustangs for the same reasons we do — because there’s no other driving experience like it in the world whether you’re cruising around in a classic, cutting apexes in a Fox or SN-95, or headed to work and play in a new S197 retro ride with classic lines and great technology.


Because we’re passionate about Mustangs at Modern Driveline, we’re always looking at how we can improve your driving experience. When Bruce Couture founded Modern Driveline, his motivation was how to make a classic Mustang five-speed swap easier. Next, it was precision cable clutch systems for vintage Mustangs for ease of pedal effort and function. Bruce’s goal has always been to serve Mustang enthusiasts with easy bolt-in driveline systems and parts.


Driven To Serve…

Today, Modern Driveline is committed to all Mustang model years with an engineering and technical support team unmatched in the industry to help meet your needs. When you contact Modern Driveline, you’re getting real technical assistance, not a sales person with a computer screen and a quota to meet. When we take good care of your technical needs, you’re more inclined to do business with us again.  We are driven to serve you.


What We Do…

It doesn’t matter what Mustang model year you have, we offer complete driveline packages and parts for all Mustang model years.


Complete Tremec five- and six-speed driveline systems for 1965-73 classic, 1979-93 Fox, 1994-04 SN-95, and 2005-13 S197 Mustangs

Hydraulic Clutch Conversions for smooth pedal effort

Cable Clutch Conversions for ease of clutch operation

A TREMEC authorized warranty repair center for T-5, T-45, T-56, 3550, 3650, TKO and TKO-500/600 transmissions

Off-The Shelf and Custom Aluminum and Steel Driveshafts and Parts

Universal Joints, Yokes, and Hardware

One-Piece Driveshaft Conversion Kits for S197 Mustangs

Bellhousings, adaptors, and parts for many applications including T-5, TKO, 3550, and more

Transmission crossmembers for nearly all Mustang applications

Brake & Clutch Pedal parts and complete assemblies

Shifter parts and complete assemblies

Speedometer Cables and other accessories

Why Choose Modern Driveline?

Because we are a TREMEC Elite dealer with more Ford powertrain experience than anyone in the industry, we understand your needs be they for a V-8 or six-cylinder application.

We are an authorized TREMEC service center, which means we rebuild and repair T-5, T-45, T-56, 3550, 3650, and TKO transmissions. We stock all of the parts necessary to service TREMEC transmissions yourself.


Our extensive inventory includes Superior and McLeod clutches, Quicktime bellhousings and scatter shields, Lokar and Hurst shifters levers, AMSOIL lubricants, our own pedal assemblies and parts, cable and hydraulic clutch systems, transmission crossmembers and mounts, Tilton Hydraulic bearings, and speedometer cables.


Modern Driveline conversion kits include every conceivable part necessary to complete the swap without having to run all over town looking for hardware.
Get it all done in one stop and be ready to have your Mustang back on the road.



Innovation — Not Imitation

What sets us apart from our competition is award winning engineering.
We develop and manufacture a great many of the parts and systems we sell including clutch cable kits, adaptors, crossmembers, flywheels, hydraulic clutch systems, Transmission modifications, shifters, harnessing drive shafts and complete hardware kits.

Experience the MDL difference:

  • We extend the manufacturer’s warranty by an extra year… and that’s from date of install.
  • MDL offers best in-the industry customer service.
  • When you purchase a complete MDL Conversion Package you get, life-time technical support.