Mustang 1996-2004 5 & 6-Speed Conversions

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Modern DriveLine has put together Five and Six-speed conversion packages for the customer who wants a little more drive-ability out of their SN95 Mustang.

We extend the manufacturer’s warranty by an extra year… and that’s from the date of installation.
We offer the best-in-the-industry customer service.
When you purchase a complete MDL Conversion Package you get, lifetime technical support.

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T5 Upgrade for 3.8L V6

1994 was the beginning of the SN95 platform and the 3.8L V6 as the entry-level engine.  Ford continued using the T5 behind 3.8L using the same gearing set found in the 85-89 V8 T5 but with a longer input shaft.  Since the car got a little longer Ford made up some of the difference in the bellhousing depth.  This required the input shaft of the T5 to be 5/8″ longer for both the 3.8L and 5.0L.  To keep the 3.8L and 5.0L bellhousings from getting installed incorrectly, Ford went as far as having the engine model cast into the top of the bellhousing.  The 5.0L SN95 bellhousing only uses a 157-tooth flywheel and the 3.8L V6 bellhousing uses a 164-tooth, not to be confused with the Windsor or Cleveland-based 164-tooth flywheels.  Since the input shaft is 5/8″ longer, Ford did not offer a Motorsport super duty T5 2.95:1 first gear for the SN95.
However, Modern Driveline does…
MDL tooled up to offer the SN95 T5 for those who have worn out the stock T5 or are looking for something stronger with a closer ratio gear set.
The SN95 T5 is a direct replacement for all 94-98 T5-equipped Mustangs.  Optional .73:1 overdrive is available along with a lower cluster billet support plate.

TREMEC Super-Duty SN95 T5 Transmission for 94-95 Ford Mustang

4.6L V8 T45 and 3650 Five speeds

Borg Warner T45 Five-speed has installed 1996-2000 Mustang behind the 4.6L modular V8.   The T45 was designed much like the T56 and shares many of the same parts.
These transmissions had issues right out of the factory with weak shift forks.  Since Borg Warner was getting out of the manual transmission market, the T45 did not receive much support from the manufacturer.
Modern Driveline has been servicing the T45 from the very beginning.  We offer upgraded forks and carbon fiber synchro rings.
Over the years, however, it has become more difficult to get service parts.
The T-45 was replaced in 2001 with Tremec TR3650 five-speed.  While the TR3650 looks like the T45, the TR3650 is a direct replacement for the 99-04 Mustangs.
After 20-plus years of service, many of these five speeds are worn out and engines are making a lot more power.
MDL still has a few T-45 and 3650 five-speed cores available for a rebuild, contact us for availability and pricing. 


Five-speed to Six-speed conversion

If your T45 or 3650 has seen better days and can’t handle the power, the Magnum Six-speed is the perfect replacement upgrade.  Following the lead of the 03-04 Mustang Cobra T56 six-speed, Ford Magnum was designed for the SN95 Mustang using the cable release fork and placement.  The Magnum offers up a double overdrive that easily tolerates up to 700lb-ft of torque.  With its large double-cone synchronizers, shift limits are now at 7,800 RPMs.  The magnum has both a mechanical speedometer gear drive and VSS/OSS, making wiring a breeze.
Our six-speed package comes with a bolt-in cross member, driveshafts, and a choice of single and twin disc clutches.
Optional QuickTime scatter-shield safety bellhousing for those making big power and want a piece of mind.  To top off the Magnum conversion, MDL has aluminum or QA1 Carbon Fiber drive shafts ready to bolt in.  

Tired of your factory clutch cable? Newly released for the 1994-2004 Mustang Hydraulic clutch conversion.  This kit converts the factory clutch cable to hydraulic using the stock pedal assembly and clutch cable mounting location.  The kit requires no drilling and is installed with a basic hand tool.  This kit includes the master cylinder which features an internal reservoir, mounting bracket, pedal linkage, and all mounting hardware.
The Master cylinder clears both SOHC & DOHC Mod Motors.
MDL offers a variety of slave cylinder options based on the bell housing being used.


94-2004 SN95 Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Master .700 Bore


Solutions are TAILORED to your needs with many or all of the following:

TREMEC 5 or 6-Speed Transmission with Shifter

The MDL conversion packages are as complete as possible.
You get ALL the components you need whereas competitors’ packages provide only the basics.
When comparing costs be sure you are comparing apples to apples on the contents, quality & after the order service.

Components are IN STOCK

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A customer supplied a video of a TKX conversion kit swap replacing his 3650 transmission.