T5/C4/3550 28-spline Tail shaft Bushing & Seal Kit


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T5/TR3550/C4/toploader Tailshaft Bushing

Fits:   Ford T5 TR3550 / C4  / Toploader or any transmission that has a 28-spline slip yoke with a 1.5″ OD sleeve


Kit contains Tail housing Seal #  8850X and bushing # MD-505-1032

The Bushing has a slot in the to promote oiling, When pressing the bushing into the tail stock ensure the slot aligns with the oiling valley in the tail stock housing.
The proper depth of the bushing can be determined when the bushing sits flush with the tailstock recess in which it is fitted. ( See the photo below. )

We do not recommend tapping or driving the bushing into place, as it may deform the bushing.

Bushing requires the tail stock housing to be removed or special tooling to pull and install. 

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in