We here at Modern DriveLine are both humbled and proud
to be the recipient of the SEMA 2019 award for
‘ Best Engineered New Product ‘

Needless to say, a lot of time and work went into innovating this product and we feel that it fills a gap in the industry as well as something Mustang owners have been looking for, for some time now.

Our passion for making it modern’ was the driving force behind this and continues to be what makes us strive for the products we release.

At MDL it’s not enough to be a source for 5-6 speed conversions but to produce new as well as current products that continue to allow our customers the options they deserve for their conversions.

Power Auto Media Interview at SEMA 2019

MD-910-0092 SN95 Award Winning Hydraulic Master







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We are constantly developing  NEW  items to offer ‘engineered solutions and not just ‘will also fit ‘  ideas to the marketplace. 


Faced with some of the toughest times the world has ever seen, reliability in moments that count is even more important than before.
That’s why we offer our high-quality products that are proven by the Everyday Driver, Racer, and enthusiast at a price point that meets the American blue-collar worker’s budget.
Our driveline components come with a promise of quality we stand behind.
That’s the Modern DriveLine way; that’s the American way.


   We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to…  ‘Make It Modern’