Where’s my order?

We estimate between 5-7 business days (not including weekends and public holidays). but can take longer during heavy order periods.
As more orders are shipped this time will get shorter, but for now, that is what we are looking at.

Thank you to our customers for supporting ModernDriveLine.


Just click on the method of shipping used located below
Then Enter your tracking number (located at the bottom of all Invoices) to see the shipping status of your shipment:

   UPS    |    USPS

If you do not have an invoice please call our friendly staff at 208-453-9800 and we can help you.

  • UPS Delivery  2-day delivery Service is no longer guaranteed by UPS
  • ( 2-day AIR still is guaranteed ).
  • UPS Overnight is still guaranteed and comes with a higher cost.

All but a very few of the Covid crisis effects are now gone from our industry
New world events are continuing to change the shape of how business is conducted, MDL is doing its very best to be competitive in the marketplace for you our customers.


What’s Next:
Our logistics team is starting to prep your order for shipping! This process typically takes between 5-7 business days (not including weekends and public holidays). but can take longer during heavy order periods


Note on Shipping Delays:
MDL only offers shipping through UPS & USPS who are the best and most reliable shipping partners. However, with the changes everyone has experienced, even the best shipping partners are experiencing and reporting delays.
Please understand we are all doing our very best to overcome these challenges and deliver your orders as quickly as possible.

International Shipping:

Be advised that the above-mentioned timeline is only an estimate. We cannot guarantee exact delivery times as potential delays in your country’s customs process or unforeseen circumstances and situations beyond ours or the courier’s control (e.g adverse weather conditions, etc) can occur.


Order Inquiries:
If you need to contact our team regarding any aspects of your order (other than shipping issues), please provide the necessary information to help us serve you:

  • Order Number
  • Order Date
  • Your Name and Shipping Address


   UPS    |    USPS


Please be aware:

Effective October 1, 2021, the United States Postal Service ( USPS) has revised its service standards for certain First-Class Mail items, resulting in a delivery window of up to five business days.
Please note this may delay your receipt of mail from us and our receipt of mail from you.
Please take this change into account when mailing items to us via USPS.

  • UPS Delivery  2-day delivery Service is no longer guaranteed by UPS
  • ( 2-day AIR still is guaranteed ).
  • UPS Overnight is still guaranteed and comes with a higher cost.

NOTE: USPS option is not available for some destinations: please see below


International Mail Service Suspensions

Updated: Sept. 17, 2021

The Postal Service™ is temporarily suspending international mail acceptance for certain destinations due to the impacts of recent world events.


Click here for Current details



This is a friendly reminder to please  ‘CHECK YOUR ORDER’
We ask that you ensure it is correct you must report any errors within 10-days of delivery.

This helps in two ways to ensure a quicker response time should there be an error and avoid any added shipping costs due to delays in researching the error & correcting it.



Current UPS Shipping Conditions:

  • UPS is Critical Infrastructure: The Department of Homeland Security considers UPS operations and The UPS Store locations to be “critical infrastructure”.
    We will continue to pick up and deliver, even in areas with a state of emergency or “shelter in place” order. We’re still delivering internationally, too.
  • Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR): Although we’re still delivering, local restrictions could impact UPS’s normally high service levels, and the UPS Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) is suspended globally.
  • Delivering Safely: Safety continues to be a top focus. We have enhanced employee protections and moved to a no-touch process for signature deliveries. Learn more.
  • Service Updates: Get the latest information on service impacts throughout the world. How is UPS responding to the Coronavirus?  Check ups.com/coronavirus for the latest information.

For current Updates which may affect your deliveries to Fires in California, Oregon & Washington state use the link below.





All Pricing is in US Dollars (USD)

Recent events worldwide, paired with the demands for products that were not available or delayed due to the pandemic ripple effect have caused manufacturers, supply chains, and delivery services to increase their costs.
As we all know fuel prices are up, shipping costs are up, and overall pricing to do business is up.
At MDL we are doing everything we can to maintain competitive pricing as well as passing along our Discounted shipping rates to our customers.
All of the things we do,  from better packaging as well as, service after the sale, lifetime tech support, and many other ‘added value’ perks will still be part of how we do business.

We appreciate your faith in us and will continue to serve your 5 & 6-speed needs for years to come.

Thank you.



Method of Payment

   Please Note: PayPal is not available for overseas orders, your two payment options are Credit card & wire transfer.

We accept:

  • checks  ( which must clear the bank before shipment )
  • cashier’s checks
  • money orders
  • credit cards   ( American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa )
  • PayPal.Upon receipt of an order, we will confirm the order with you.
    For your protection, we require the shipping address to match the billing address of the credit card used.
           ** Your credit card is not charged until the time of shipment. **


Payment Options and Terms
All orders must be prepaid prior to shipping. Sorry, we do not ship COD.
Via prior approval, we will accept checks and money orders, which must be received and cleared by the bank before shipment.
If you would like to use a credit card but do not wish to use our secure site, you may call and we will take your card information over the phone.



We ship domestically & internationally:

Domestic Shipping:

All shipments are via UPS ground unless requested otherwise.

USPS is also an option for domestic small items shipping.
The cost of shipment, handling, and insurance will be added to the total bill. Our shopping cart estimates the shipping charges.
We reserve the right to change the charged amount when the actual shipping charges differ more than 10% from the estimate.
Estimated shipping charges are US domestic only.
We strive to keep the product on the shelves ready for shipment, but often demand depletes stock. We will let you know by phone or email of the anticipated shipment date, especially if there is a delay.
We ask that you please keep in mind that UPS travel time, once your order leaves MDL, can take up to 7 business days depending on the distance from Idaho.
We do not ship COD.

International Shipping:

Express or Expedited shipping with UPS shipping times like 1 day 2-day & 3-day are all offers from UPS.

We will ship your order from our facility within the guidelines of our shipping policy.

 Please Note:  For overseas orders, your two payment options are Credit card & wire transfer.

( If expedited shipping ( 3-day / 2-day / next day ) is requested…
In order to be shipped the same day.
The order must be placed online by 1:00 pm MST or called in no later than 2:00 pm MST.)

Once your item has shipped from our warehouse it is in the hands of UPS  and is now their responsibility to get it to you in the requested time.

We would ask that you remember, holidays and special conditions such as Weather, customs clearance, or quarantines may affect the delivery times with these two Services.

We can facilitate your shipping to cross-border or overseas destinations.
To ship internationally, we will need billing and shipping address information before we can process and ship your order. ( If shipping direct to an international address WE SHIP UPS ONLY)
We can ship within the lower 48 states via ground service to a port facility or destination of your choice and you make overseas / border arrangements.

Any international order organized by your shipping carrier will incur an additional $100.00 processing fee to get your order shipped.

When shipping out of the country, the customer is responsible for all duties, taxes & processing fees by customs/excise, and/or the shipping service (eg. FED-X / UPS) levied for these services at the time of delivery.

We advise you to investigate and watched out for various shipping rules to Canada.
Your first consideration should be completing customs declaration forms with accurate details on the content of your package.

Fees vary from carrier to carrier please make yourself aware of these differences.


International Shipping

As of 3/25/2022, Modern Driveline will no longer offer freight pick-up organized by the customer as a company, individual, or third-party shipping company from our location.

Any international order placed with Modern Driveline will be shipped either directly to you by our shipping company or to a freight forwarding company of your choice within the continental US.

Your freight forwarder may offer LTL freight (Canada & Mexico), Air freight, or Sea freight.

International orders sent to a residential address within the US will be treated as a residential order and sales tax may apply.

By law, any freight forwarder must have a legal resale certificate and business license to avoid any sales tax charges. Sales tax is determined by the ‘ship to’ location.


All freight forwarder locations must include:

Company Name


Contact Person Name

Contact Person E-Mail address

Contact Person Phone Number


We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have experienced significant delays resulting in additional internal costs, space management issues, and increased time spent educating the pick-up company regarding legal paperwork requirements.




Thank you,

The Modern Driveline Team






What is a drop ship?

We would ask that you be aware the Covid 19 situation has affected supply lines and there may be delays in this process.

  • The part will ship directly from the manufacturer.
    Drop ships are billed in full at the time of purchase. and will show as shipped in your order history. They will typically arrive before, at the same time, or after within days of the rest of your order.


Our Shipping Promise to you

We are a stocking distributor and this helps us get your order processed with items from our shelves to get your order out in a timely fashion.

We ask that you remember Weekends & Holidays are not included in this timeframe.

  • We stock most items we sell and can get your order processed in 14 business days, not including weekends, and holidays.
  • Needless to say, things are getting back to normal but… there may be delays in this process.
    We will do our very best to inform you of these delays should they arise.
  • We thank you for your patience and faith in us as well as for working with us during this time.

What are ‘guaranteed delivery’ VS. ‘estimated delivery’ shipping options defined by UPS?

  • Guaranteed delivery means that UPS will have the package at your door on the date provided on your shipping quote.
    Estimated delivery quotes are the dates packages are expected to arrive under normal conditions.


Does shipping include duties and taxes?

  • Domestic Orders will require taxes to be paid at the time of shipping these will vary by state and location.
    When shipping out of the country, the customer is responsible for all duties, taxes & processing fees by customs/excise, and/or the shipping service (eg. FED-X, UPS USPS)  levied for these services at the time of delivery.
  • Any international order organized through a ‘broker’ or ‘3rd party shipping carrier’ will incur an additional $100.00 processing fee to get your order shipped.

Can I arrange a pick-up through a carrier of my choice?

  • Yes, you can.
    PLEASE NOTE: the customer is responsible for all expenses additional taxes & processing fees charged by the shipping service (eg. FED-X, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc. )
    You have entered a private contract with this carrier external to MDL and the shipment is their responsibility once it leaves our warehouse.
  • Any international order organized through a broker or 3rd party shipping carrier will incur an additional $100.00 processing fee to get your order shipped.

Can I pick my order up myself?

  • YES, you can…

You Must contact us & schedule a day & time you would like to pick up your order.

  • Pickup Hours (Caldwell, ID.) : Monday – Friday: 9:am to 4.pm MT
    Saturday – Sunday:  Closed
  • Pickup Address:
    Modern DriveLine
    4216 Capital Street
    Caldwell, ID.


MDL is very well stocked on almost every inventory item we sell .


We are making every effort to keep the website up to date but oversights do happen