” I spoke to you last week about the hydraulic clutch that was not disengaging fully on my 70 Mustang. I finally got time to work on the car today. I adjusted the clutch according to the new instructions, and it slightly improved it, but the transmission was still balky.
I bled it with the bleeder kit I ordered from you, and after a couple of false starts with brake fluid all over my driveway from the stopper popping out, I felt that I finally got an adequate bleed. I drove it, and it was fixed!  A pleasure to drive.
I had bled this system multiple times, had pros bleed the system, and I never got more than an inch of travel on the slave cylinder. Obviously, I had just enough of a trapped air bubble to prevent the slave cylinder from pushing the lever enough. I finally got a system with your bleeder where I could hold the stopper in place and inject the fluid at the recommended rate, and it worked. The mess cleaned up with some soap, and it is a pleasure to drive now! “

Thanks for the help!

John Casto.

If At First You Don’t Succeed






The clutch went out in our Dodge 2005 diesel truck. We did not know where to turn because we needed the truck to pull trailers in the back country. We called Modern DriveLine and they spoke with the clutch builder . Modern DriveLine built us a custom clutch that works perfectly. It shifts very smoothly and is completely reliable. You can’t ask for anything more when traveling in the back-country wilderness.
Thanks Modern DriveLine !

Jeff Beynon

Thanks Modern DriveLine !

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“First, let me say thank you one more time: your help and frank, honest answers were immensely helpful.  It was obvious from the start that you were more concerned with getting me the appropriate equipment than maximizing your profit.  Being able to get everything from one source and then to call you with questions was a great relief!


I absolutely LOVE the cable clutch – it is amazingly smooth and pedal effort has been greatly reduced.  It seems like a different car and, when I drive my friends 66 coupe (he took my old toploader) I can’t believe the difference!  In addition, the cable made the addition of headers a snap!  I went with the Hooker Super Comps and the cable fits right in between the tubes: the Z bar would have made installation a nightmare! “

I absolutely LOVE the cable clutch

“I would like to thank you for your great service and products. The T-5 fit like a glove. Replacing the T-10M with the T5z turned a car which was really a pain to drive on the street into a vehicle which I’d drive to New York without a thought! The Shelby now cruises at 70mph at 2,500 rpm, instead of 4,000 with the 4-speed. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results. The lower gears (1st, 2nd and 3rd) also greatly improved the cars acceleration. I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend this conversion for any street driven early Mustang.“.

I’m in Overdrive… Are you?

Good morning Bruce, Just wanted to let you know that I finally got to drive the AC…..The gearing feels great, the clutch and shifting are superb!!!
Thanks for all your help on this…
I love that T5!  I’m getting a *huge* increase in miles-per-gallon, due largely to the overdrive, plus perhaps the new manifolds to let the 289 exhale more directly.  And the general quality of the driving experience — to be turning 2000 RPM at 60MPH rather than 3000 RPM — is very welcome.

EPSON DSC picture


Shelby cobra
Superb Shifting

I went to Bruce at Modern Driveline wanting a 5 speed conversion that wouldn’t cut the bracing in the floor.
Everyone else told me it couldn’t be done…   He figured out how to do it and executed it beautifully.
The conversion completely transformed this car.
Now I get killer acceleration with 3.55s, and I can still cruise at 80 on the freeway. It rocks.

Falcon Flies Again