Just wanted to say what a great product you have. 
I installed the cross member this weekend and it fit great!! 
I tried to install another shops cross-member and it didn’t fit so I thought perhaps after 30 years that my car was somehow off…  Wrong,  I guess they just don’t take the kind of care when making a product you do or perhaps their test mule is off.  LOL!


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Hi I’m Ron Bramlett, owner of Mustangs Plus, Inc. in Stockton, CA. In 1999 I ordered a T-5z with a .83 overdrive 5th gear for the use in my #4 Grabber Green fastback. The reason is that the stock .63 ratio is basically unusable in any performance driving. My hat’s off to Bruce for building me such a nice shifting and trouble free transmission.

Grab those gears – Ron Bramlett

Here is Richard Bramlett’s 1966 mustang coupe that is nicknamed the Colt 351.

It is equipped with a built 351W and a Modern DriveLine, custom built, T-5z. Richard built his 351W to produce a lot of torque so that he could drag race the Colt. With 25+ passes down the quarter mile, his best ET on street tires is a 12.6 seconds @ 113mph and with slicks 12.3 seconds @ 112mph.


Colt 351

Here is a 65 Mustang that had a T-10 Four speed with 4.10 rear gears.

The T-10 four speed was removed for a T-5z five speed with 3.25 rear gears. The original clutch linkage was removed for a clutch cable system. Drive-ablity and mileage have much improved.

I Made Mine Modern