Some 25 years ago, Bruce Couture answered the call for easy-to-order and install five-speed conversion systems for classic Mustangs.
Because Bruce has been a lifelong engineer, putting these packages together while adding more and more choices along the way was second nature for him.  What makes Bruce Couture’s Modern Driveline different than the rest is customer service and engineering know-how.

Because I’ve spent a lot of time at Modern Driveline getting to know Bruce, his family, and a terrific staff, I can tell you these folks are not only engineers and associates, they are themselves, car enthusiasts.  What has come out my business association with Bruce has been a close friendship that has endured for more than a decade.
Bruce and his family have become extended family.  We’ve seen each other through a lot of chapters and midnight oil.

It has been Bruce who has shown me the way through quite a number of car projects, technical articles, web articles, and books through the years including his Performance Red Mustang GT convertible affectionately known as “Bruno” — a great tribute to the late Charlie Bruno of Charlie’s Mustang in San Jose, a dear friend and cohort in crime for Bruce for many years.
Charlie was there when Bruce launched Modern Driveline long ago.

I am grateful to Bruce for being a pillar of support through the years.  It is remarkable how swiftly time has passed and how beneficial he and his people have become to enthusiasts everywhere.


Jim Smart