People often ask why does this transmission cost more?

Well, this is an upgraded transmission, this isn’t just a bolted-on shifter.
They are all prepared at our facility by hand to ensure quality & precision.
The shifter is a close-ratio custom made piece that is now an integral part of the transmission
Many hours of R&D were put forth to provide this to you our customer.

No upgraded TKX leaves here unless it’s right.

What do we do to the TKX:

MDL modifications bring the shifter stub up in OE position
We achieve this by carefully machining, updating, and integrating new pieces to
this HOT NEW must-have transmission
Not available through TREMEC.


When MDL started looking into different applications we quickly realized that some GM models, as well as early Fords, were going to need some special consideration.

We designed and engineered some special items to integrate with the TKX transmission to achieve this, with 3 things in mind.

  1. It must shift as smoothly as the unaltered unit.
  2. It must bring the shifter up into the correct OE position without alteration to the car or center console.
  3. it must be rock solid, have a finished appearance and make installation easy.

………..Ok, that last one has more than one ‘must-have’  in it…

  • We also made it the smallest top turret offered in the industry, for the best fitment through the factory shifter opening.
  • Each special shifter is CNC machined from aluminum for corrosion resistance & lightweight integration.
  • We anodize each piece for protection from the elements
  • This is a sealed shifter assembly to maintain the factory integrity of the shifting mechanism
  • This is not a modified dry box.
  • They come fully installed on your upgraded TKX right from MDL…
    So there’s nothing for you to do but install the transmission

  • They are all 100% made in the USA
    Made in the USA

What this means for fitment:

In the early ’64 to ’67 GM A-bodies, the floor shifters were offset towards the driver and made for a comfortable easy-to-shift lever.
When the TKX leaves the Tremec factory the shifter is centered and in order to have this shifter come through the floor in the correct position the MDL modifications to the tailstock are necessary.
This is especially important if you wish to retain your stock or even an aftermarket manual center console.
Chevy Chevelle
Pontiac GTO & LeMans
Buick GS
Oldsmobile Cutlass / 442