Modern DriveLine offers a complete line of accessories for bell housings of both steel and aluminum.

As all car crafters know, there are different pieces for different application on different makes & models.

We endeavor to provide complete solutions so we can provide you with these different accessory parts for your bell housing or to accompany one you purchase from us.

These items are primarily sourced from the USA, unless they are not available as a new part – then we will stock what is available.

These items are make & model specific and work with a variety of engine applications.

We know you may need:

  • Block plates
  • Spacer plates / adapter plates
  • Pivot studs (fixed & adjustable)
  • Clutch levers & clutch forks
  • Clutch fork boots and/or covers
  • Alignment dowel pins (straight or offset)
  • Mounting hardware (including bell to engine and bell to transmission kits )
  • We also carry alignment tool plates for installation for 6-speed bell applications