Modern Driveline provides hydraulic solutions for your clutch needs on just about any make or model. From master cylinders, reservoirs, & mounting hardware to hydraulic throw-out bearings & external slave kits.

Our Light-Foot series Hydraulic Master cylinder clutch kits are designed to work with stock pedals.
Engineered to use the factory full swing of the pedal, for maximum leverage, it provides a light pedal effort and full control of the clutch – this translates to a drive you will love.  Unique to MDL is the clutch pedal linkage that moves the master cylinder to provide room for brake boosters of all types and, most importantly, driver control.

Gone are the days of having to engineer a kit from scratch only to leave you frustrated with the results.

The Type 2 master cylinder utilizes a .700″ small bore with a 1.4″ long stroke cylinder to provide the most common fluid volume requirements needed in today’s hydraulic slave cylinders.

The Type 3 master cylinder utilizes a .750″ bore cylinder
Couple either of these master cylinder kits with MDL LF series external slave cylinder kit or Tilton Engineering internal hydraulic release bearing results in a complete hydraulic clutch solution ready to install.

We have show quality Aluminum reservoirs in both black & clear anodized finish.
Of course, we have steel braided lines & fittings of all sorts to connect your kits together.

Of all the solutions we offer, this is by far the favorite upgrade, mostly because of the easy pedal feel and smooth clutching.