Modular Ford Aluminum Bellhousing to TR4050




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Modular Ford Aluminum Bellhousing to TR4050

  • Fits 4.6, 5.0 (Coyote), 5.4, 6.2, 6.8, & 7.3 (Godzilla) gas engines
  • Internal Slave Kit
  • Thick aluminum wall casting
  • Requires spacer plate # AC3E-6A373-BA and dust cover # 6L2Z-7986-AA
  • comes with hardware
  • Can be used with cable actuation
  • Compatible with internal hydraulics
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 208 oz
Dimensions 15 × 17 × 8 in


Weight 29.0 lbs
Width 18.0”
Height 18.0”
Depth 8.0”


Parts included in the Kit:

Description Info
M10x1.5x55mm SHCS Bell to Engine
M10x1.5x65mm SHCS Bell to Engine
M10 Flat Washer Bell to Engine
M12x1.75x45mm Hex Head Bell to Trans
M12 Flat Washer Bell to Trans
M8x1.25x35mm Hex Head Starter
M8 Flat Washer Starter and Dust Cover
M8x1.25x20mm Hex Head Dust Cover


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