Twin Disk Clutch/Flywheel Assy/Chevy LS-Solid Hub


Twin Disk Clutch/Flywheel Assembly for Chevy LS. Solid Hub Rated at 1350 lb/ft.


Clutch Flywheel Assembly,
The Tilton ST-246 is a Twin disk, Rated at 1350lb/ft featuring a 6 bolt Chromoly ring & Flywheel.

Intended for Chevy LS engine Series – 26 spline, Clutch and flywheel bolts are included as well as an alignment tool.

ST-246 Performance Street Clutches: Designed specifically for high performance street/strip use. Features a machined aluminum clutch cover that incorporates straps that are attached to the high-mass
pressure plate and floater plate to minimum noise.
ST-246 clutches are available with either sprung-hub organic discs for street use or solid-hub cerametallic discs for street/strip use.
Designed from the
ground up as performance twin disc clutch using Tilton 45+ years of experience in racing clutches, ST-246 clutches are competitively priced and are a far superior option to the stamped steel cover
“performance” clutches on the market.


·     Higher torque rating than most competitors

·     Chromoly integrated ring Gear on a Chromoly Flywheel

·     Aluminum Pressure Plate, which means less rotating mass

·     A Floater plate that is twice the thickness of most other twin disk clutches, which offers these benefits

1.   Allows for a solid hub (1350 lb/ft)

2.   Eliminates gear clatter

3.   Provides much better heat dissipation


Please call for more details  208-453-9800


Additional information

Weight 720 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in



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