28-Spline Slip Yoke/ 1310 U-joint/ T5/C4/Toploader/AOD/AODE



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T5 Slip Yoke

6″ OAL.

  • 28 spline
  • 1310 u-joints
  • 1/16″ cups
  • Compatible with
    • T5
    • C4 automatics
    • Toploader 4-speed
    • AOD
    • AODE


During a T5 conversion from a C4 automatic or the Toploader 4-speed, the existing drive shaft can be used if it is in good shape.
If it is old and tired we recommend replacing the entire driveshaft with a new shaft built to the correct dimensions.
An existing C4/Toploader driveshaft is typically too long.  The shaft can be cut, re-welded, re-balanced, and re-used.  

Do not use this yoke thinking it will compensate for the length difference (some companies advertise theirs as a T5 conversion yoke, no need to cut the driveshaft.  That is incorrect.)

HOW TO: Measuring your Slip Yoke to determine size

Additional information

Weight 45 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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