MDL Generic Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit W/Integral Reservoir .750 Bore X 1.4″ Stroke


LF Series Hydraulic
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Generic with Integral Reservoir  Hydraulic Clutch Master Kit – Type 3

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Hyd Clutch Master Kit, Generic with Integral Reservoir, Type 3 – (.750″ bore x 1.4″ stroke)

We have bundled this kit for those are looking to install a Master in their project and didn’t want to start from scratch searching for the fittings, rods, and hardware. 

This cylinder bore size is .750″ bore with a 1.4″ stroke for a volume displacement of (.618cu/in).  Don’t confuse this with Wilwood GS that with a shorter stroke.  This volume will properly move most slave cylinders on the market.  if you don’t use the full stroke of the cylinder, we offer 7/8″ bore master. 

Contact us for advice on how to properly set up your hydraulic release system. 

All MDL Hydraulic kits come with our 1-man Bleeder kit to make installation easier.


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Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


Every LF series hydraulic master kit comes with a one-man bleeder kit

    Bleeder kit instructions