Tilton 6000 Hydraulic release bearing kit with bolt on guide tube for GM T56 & Magnum XL


Hydraulic T/O bearing, Tilton 6000 Slip-on w/bolt on guide tube Kit.


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Tilton Engineering 6000 Series Hydraulic CSC release bearing kit with bolt-on guide tube Kit

  “This is a Complete kit.
………With MDL there are no extras to buy to install this upgrade”.

The Tilton 6000-Series hydraulic release bearings (AKA. hydraulic throw-out bearings or concentric slave cylinders) feature race-proven Tilton reliability for the street.
These hydraulic release bearings have been designed for ease of installation and maximum reliability, at a very competitive price.
6000-Series hydraulic release bearings are designed to mount onto the transmission CSC mount.

MD-900-2505-A is a major upgrade over the OEM CSC with it billet aluminum body and robust T/O bearing.
The two braided lines provide a stable pedal feel and an easy access point to vent the system and


  • 2005-10 Mustang with T-5, TR3650 five-speed 
  • 2007-14 Shelby GT500 TR6060 six-speed
  • 2011-up Mustang with MT-82 and Shelby GT350 3160 six-speed 
  • GM LS T-56/Magnum six-speed to replace the stock CSC bearing w/o guide tube

Tilton 6000 Slip-on bearing kit with bolt-on guide tube kit includes:

  • Hydraulic Release Bearing
  • Bolt on adjustment mounting base 
  • AN4 Steel braided supply and bleed lines
  • Union fitting (connect to main supply line)  In most cases 24″ line is recommended. See below
  • Anti-rotation bolt and high strength transmission retainer bolt


    • Billet aluminum body and piston precision machined in-house at Tilton
    • Stainless steel threaded sleeve offers nearly 1.25″ of adjust-ability
    • High-temperature mono-seal design features a quad tensioner to ensure proper seal tension and the highest reliability
    • Constant contact design self adjusts for clutch wear and maintains the same pedal feel throughout the clutch’s life
    • Swivel fittings have been thoroughly tested to ensure against leakage
    • High-quality flat face bearing with 1.71″ – 3.03″ contact diameter fits most 8.5″ – 11″ bent-finger and lever-type clutches


Using hydraulic technology from Tilton Engineering (Tilton 6000 Series), these new bearings are easy to install using the OE CSC mounting feature on the front plate T-56/Magnum.  The light pedal feel of the LF Series is maintained with the added benefit of no clearance issues.

The adjustable sleeve allows nearly 1.25″ of adjustment to accommodate a wide variety of clutches.  The bearing height is adjustable from 1.77″ to 3.00″.  Piston travel is a full 0.7″ however .450″ of travel is typical.  

A typical complete solution consists of the LF Series Master Clutch Kit, a steel braided line of appropriate length, and the LF Series Internal Hydraulic Release Bearing.

Kits are available for:

  • Ford T5’s, Ford TKO’s, Ford Toploaders
  • GM T5’s, GM TKO’s
  • Ford T56’s with cable release fork and guide tube. 

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Additional information

Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 4 in


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Tilton Hydraulics Except MD-900-2506 Rev 3


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