1972-76 Torino Clutch pedal



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OEM Replacement Clutch Pedal 

Modern Driveline’s pedal is an OEM replacement with a removable pivot shaft for ease of installation.
When converting from an automatic the stock pedal support is reused and the brake pedal is trimmed on the left side to convert into a manual shift pad. 


Application:  1972-76 Torino


  • Designed to use the stock Auto or Manual pedal support. 
  • The MDL removable pedal pivot shaft makes it much easier to install without moving the pedal support. 
  • Replacement manual brake pedal not needed after trimming the left end of the auto pedal pad. 
  • A pedal spring pivot point is included, but when using with either clutch cable or hydraulic clutch release, spring is not used.
  • See our other supporting parts for the complete conversion package.

Duplicates original with one improvement – Bolt-on pedal shaft for ease of installation.
Rubber pedal stop included.

U.S.A. is made from quality steel &

this item uses our  pedal pad kit item # MD-412-6568-DB

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 5 in

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