63-67 Corvette Fiberglass Tunnel


Trans Tunnel for C2 Corvette with T56 Magnum Conversion


63-67 Corvette fiberglass Tunnel for C2’s offered by MDL are specifically engineered for Corvettes with T-56 Magnum conversion.

These are high-quality small-lot molded fiberglass inserts for ‘Vetts’ with the upgraded Magnum 6-speed transmission.
They are 100% made in the USA.
Made in the USA

63-67 Corvette Fiberglass Tunnel will make your conversion all the more ‘hassle-free’.
These items are fitted especially for the tunnel modifications required to fit the T56 into your Corvette.

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Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 42 × 11 × 8 in


This is a quick guide for the installation of your New Tunnel Piece

To accommodate the T56 Magnum Transmission into your C3 Corvette.

 (There are many more considerations to be made when installing this new tunnel piece and therefore we recommend that you please follow all safety precautions and guidelines as laid out by the manufacturer for this installation. )


The 6-speed transmission is in place for measurement sizing & fitment, as you can see the original tunnel was provisionally cut for this.



The Tunnel Piece is placed on the original tunnel for placement. The new tunnel piece will give the height required and is a copy of the original tunnel profile.




The floor will have to be cleaned up before moving forward on this tunnel job.


The tunnel opening for the shifter is then opened up and sized.



The new Tunnel piece is then traced onto the floor with a marker, as you will be cutting the tunnel to accept the new piece.



Once the tracing is done remove the new piece and touch up any tracing areas you need to.



With a die-grinder cut the original tunnel from the floor of the car.

  • For safety be sure to wear goggles and a mask or respirator as the dust is harmful. 



Carefully remove the piece you have cut from the original tunnel to make way for the new tunnel piece



Spacers are used to flair out the OE tunnel sides to ensure a good bond when you epoxy the new tunnel piece on. A good bond is key to the success of this application.



Check the floor pieces to be sure they are in the correct position, the clearances are good, and will remain so during the resin process.


With the floor, Cleaned up & the new tunnel piece prepped it is time to join the two.


Mix the resin/hardener please consult directions or seek out the proper mixture formula for best results.



Apply the epoxy according to manufacturers’ specifications for proper results.



Once you have applied the epoxy per instruction lay the new tunnel piece in place



Make sure to check for proper adhesion and complete contact of the new tunnel piece.



Boards and clamps as well as prop sticks can be used to apply pressure to your newly epoxied tunnel piece for added strength & best fitment for your new tunnel piece.

A good bond is key to the success of this application.


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